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In July, rapper Pusha T tied the knot with Virginia Williams, his girlfriend of 11 years. Check out their star-studded wedding album (Pharrell was the best man! Kimye was there!) at brides.com/PushaT Hello, Inspo! Nail Y our Engagement Photos (and Make Sure They’re Not Cheesy) Couple goals: Look natural, relaxed, and totally in love in your engagement photos (even when you’ve been bickering for hours because you hate getting your picture taken). Find out how to pull off the best poses at brides.com/engagementshoot FROM TOP: ADAM BARNES PHOTOGRAPHY (2); OLIVIA MARKLE…

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weddings we love

“We wrote our own vows, and Beattie started his by saying, ‘Dearest Willa,’ which made everyone laugh,” recalls Willa, who wore Naeem Khan. FOR A CHANCE TO BE FEATURED BY BRIDES, TAG YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS ON INSTAGRAM WITH #BRIDESREALWEDDINGS. “My ceremony jewelry was from India,” Nayha says of the bangles she wore over the mehndi designs on her wrists. FROM TOP: FORGED IN THE NORTH (2); LUNA DE MARE PHOTOGRAPHY/GOLD LEAF EVENT DESIGN. FROM TOP: KRISTIN SWEETING (2); EAGER HEARTS PHOTOGRAPHY (2)…

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congratulations on your engagement!

Whether you said yes or you’re the one who did the asking (see “…And His Answer” on page 35), take a minute to enjoy it before you dive headfirst into planning. We have a few ideas about how to get warmed up—like taking engagement photos (page 107) or slipping off on a romantic engagementmoon (page 151). The moment you are ready to shift into wedding mode, take cues from our real couples who made their events personal by adding details that tell their story. When our cover girl, influencer Rachel “Rocky” Barnes, and Matt Cooper, her restaurateur husband, planned their celebration (page 162), she focused on mood, while he took care of food. New Yorkers Noa Santos and Ross Matsubara (page 176) exchanged vows in their home state of Hawaii,…

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how she asked… …and his answer

When finally—finally—you find yourself one of the two participants in a marriage proposal, you really don’t want to be dressed like a flying bellhop monkey from The Wizard of Oz. The fact that I was should prove I had absolutely no clue I was about to be proposed to. My girlfriend, Alex, and I were meeting at the Rainbow Room, and I had no idea it was jacket-required. The maître d’ gave me one from their picked-over stash of loaners they keep for sartorial idiots. The jacket was a couple sizes too small, with sleeves ending a good three inches short of my wrists. I looked not at all like a New York man about town and very much like one of the Wicked Witch’s hench-monkeys. The only thing missing was…

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a cut above

CHRISTOPHER DESIGNS IS ONE OF THE FEW BRANDS THAT CUT THEIR OWN DIAMONDS, AND THEIR UNIQUE PROCESS MAKES THE DIAMONDS SEEM LARGER THAN LIFE. How is that possible? Both the Crisscut and L’Amour Crisscut diamonds are patented cuts created by founder Christopher Slowinski. He concluded that a diamond’s pavilion—the bottom of the diamond and a part you don’t even see after the stone is mounted—is a waste of materials. Since the bulk of a diamond’s carat weight is located here as well, a large pavilion also equals a waste of money. Christopher Designs’ cutting process maximizes the part of the diamond you do see, minimizes what you don’t, and amps up the reflective factor. Depending on which style you choose, your diamond will look larger than standard cuts of the…

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budget like a pro

Want to know when to splurge and when to save? Ask us all your burning budget questions @brides on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Q: How do I save money while planning? —Alexus Kay via Facebook A: A planner can help you budget realistically from the very beginning. The budget is the most unfun part of a wedding, and a planner helps you get it out of the way. If you’re always thinking you are going over a little bit for each element, you are going to go over a lot. When you’re building a budget and allotting money in all the categories, focus on the most important piece first (maybe it’s the food) and work backward from there to the least important (maybe it’s the flowers). But remember, everything is on a scale:…