Car Mechanics January 2021

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projects galore

Email Follow us on Facebook @Car Mechanics With the dismal news that greets us each week/month, I think we will all be glad to see the back of 2020. With huge redundancies in many sectors, we are predicting that motorists will keep their cars for longer, while trying to reduce motoring costs at the same time. Hopefully that is where CM comes in as we can help those that haven’t considered vehicle maintenance to ‘have a go’ themselves. With some people working from home too, the normal annual mileage has come down. That change of car to a newer model is on hold for now – and the one you have isn’t so bad after all. An engine service will certainly help its longevity. It doesn’t take many parts or that much…

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instant expert oscilloscopes the power of a wave

Just as the hand wave is one of the most powerful means of communication and the ocean wave is one of the most powerful forces in nature, the oscilloscope’s wave is one of the most powerful tools in automotive diagnosis. Yet, why are not just DIYers but also many professionals guilty of following fault codes blindly and replacingperfectly serviceable parts needlessly? Perhaps it is human nature to take the easiest route out of a problem. Should a fault code point to a particular component, your repair might be successful if you take the information at face value. Yet, the gamble may not pay off, resulting in you squandering both time and money, especially as many suppliers do not provide refunds for serviceable electrical components that were pre-installed. How do you know,…

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cm insider Goodwood set to take its place back on top of the events podium in 2021 Three of the biggest motorsport events on the calendar are returning to Goodwood following the disruption of 2020, giving fans the chance to experience the excitement of race weekends again in safety. As the 78th Members’ Meeting had to be postponed from March, the new weekend planned for 15-16 May 2021 will offer exclusive access for members and fellows of the Goodwood Road Racing Club to relive heyday race weekends of times past. In July, one of the world’s greatest celebrations of motorsport – the Festival of Speed – will return, with cars from every era taking on the 1.16-mile Hill. Racing drivers, teams and manufacturers that have succeeded in a multitude of motorsport disciplines will also…

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news in brief

Sealey rolls out a winter warmer of deals With 64 pages, over 550 products and discounts of up to 55% off, the Sealey Winter Promotion features a host of bargains as you bide your time during the cold weather. There’s over 25 new products, too, including a range of Roadstart compact jump-starters and safety equipment for the darker nights. The promotion is running until 28 February 2021 and also features the chance to win a five-drawer topchest with a 139-piece toolkit. For more info visit Second lockdown puts the brakes on new car sales Figures published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders have shown that new car registrations in the UK saw a decline of over 27% in November during the second national lockdown, equating to over 42,000 fewer vehicles…

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tales from the workshop

RENAULT MEGANE Two not one When this 2009 Renault Megane Dynamique 1.5 dCi was bought along to me to have a look at a vibration problem I discovered that the vehicle had two reasons for the one complaint. The owner was complaining of a vibration at speeds above 50mph which were amplified when braking. My first concern was that the problem may have been due to a suspension fault which can often give both symptoms. After checking the suspension joints and bushes, all of which appeared good, I moved on to check the brakes and the tyres. Both of which I found defective. The brake rear discs had corroded badly and the rear tyres were both worn and misshapen, showing signs of internal failure. The remedy wasn’t cheap as the brake discs on the…

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non-swirl flap inlet manifold

Last month we made the discovery that contrary to popular opinion, the good old 1.9’ in the TTiD Saab is, in fact, a smaller capacity (1910cc) version of the unloved CDTi Vauxhall engine as used in the Astra, Insignia and others in 2.0 form. This made finding parts for our car a bit tricky, but by the power of the internet and comparing photos, I deduced that our 2008 Saab engine used lots of CDTi type parts – plastic inlet manifold, thermostat, EGR valve and sadly, that stupid sump oil pick-up О-ring that we will have to renew. So, we managed to remove our manifold with an almost ludicrous amount of dismantling and thought that unless you did a lot more dismantling – either taking the head off or stripping the…