Car Mechanics April 2021

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Email Follow us on Facebook @ Car Mechanics Worst car ever? ▶ What car, if any, has been the most unpleasant model you have ever bought – or one you’ve had the pleasure of working on where the fix didn’t go to plan? I ask this question as our 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser – which formed part of a feature on ‘buying cheap cars for under a thousand pounds’ – is still with me. Yes, I know not everyone likes these American tanks and even I look at it in a certain light and whisper… “oh no.” I even park it on the driveway (sometimes). Yet it drives well enough and the interior seating/carpets are still in excellent condition for 18 years old. The 2.0-litre 16-valve engine starts pulling from 4000rpm – though…

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mot updates

▶ There have been a few revisions made to the MOT inspection manual during January. Problem was, current MOT testers weren’t informed in the usual way (by notification) of these updates. Since the last update in 2019, there‘s over 50 revisions to take on board. Section 4 of the manual is lamps, reflectors and electricial equipment – it’s fair to say this gets a lot of attention. I’ve highlighted just one of the added checks now required on each MOT: Compliance with requirements Existing halogen headlamp units should not be converted to be used with high intensity discharge (HID) or light emitting diode (LED) bulbs. If such a conversion has been done, you must fail the headlamp. The tester did, of course, check on conversions to HID before, but the new added text…

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bodywork spring cleaning

Washing a car is easy. Even parents pay their children to do it; it is that simple. Yet, as most adults cannot wash cars properly, what chance have youngsters got? The irony is not lost on Bert Youell, founder of the Professional Valeters & Detailers Trade Association (PVD), which exists not only to raise awareness and standards in the industry but it also works with the UK Detailing Academy to provide training to both its members and the public. Bert explains: “It is amazing that certain motorists own (or lease) expensive cars but do not appreciate how much damage can be wrought by careless cleaning. The further issue is a lack of awareness surrounding chemical safety.” Well-intentioned but ill-judged The problem is that many people view any car cleaning as beneficial, when employing…

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cm insider

Surge of scrapped cars as thousands put out of action in 2020 ▶ Pressures of the pandemic have been to blame for over 10,000 more cars being scrapped in 2020, according to recent data published by the national Scrap Car Network. In total 37,000 cars were scrapped in the UK last year, with Birmingham leading the way scrapping 3600 cars. The midlands city was followed closely by Manchester (2296), Liverpool (1964) Newcastle (1909) and in fifth place, Glasgow (1812). “We’ve been the busiest we have ever been with people scrapping their cars in droves,” exclaims Tazamul Sarodia, MD of the Scrap Car Network. “As working from home has become the norm, drivers are seeing less and less need for their vehicles, plus with more people moving away from cities to more rural…

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news in brief

Sealey set for spring savings ▶ In addition to over 690 offers, 118 new products and eight pages of clearance deals, Sealey is using its spring 2021 promotion to launch something special. The AK7939 1000V insulated toolkit and AK938 socket tray not only offer protection from shocks up to 1500V DC and 1000V AC, but also come with a lifetime guarantee. Sealey’s spring promotion is running until 31 May. For more information and to see the complete product range visit Sold Secure put padlocks to the test ▶ A recent round of testing by Sold Secure has found that Mul-T-Lock padlocks offer peace of mind for any task. Leading the pack are the brand’s NE and NG ranges of padlocks that offered impressive results when tested against physical attacks, weathering and corrosion.…

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new from laser

Finally a lockdown that appeals to us all ▶ With curved jaws made from chrome vanadium steel, there’s both strength and practicality to these self-adjusting locking pliers (part number 8022) from Laser Tools. No more interrupting the job for adjustment, as the pliers open up to 48mm so you’ll never be short of a tool that’s the right size for your plier needs, whatever the angle. You’ll be sorted for grip too courtesy of a chequered handle that inspires confidence and improves safety with the task at hand. Lastly, longevity isn’t going to be an issue as the riveted construction reduces deformation when the pliers are under load or in heavy use. Peace of mind when resolving battery bother ▶ One for the professional workshop, this new car battery memory saver (part number…