Car Mechanics May 2021

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Email Follow us on Facebook @CarMechanics Cash for Qashqai Our latest CM project car, bought from the car auctions, is just seven years old. Yes, a 14-plate Nissan Qashqai Mk2. We started out looking at the Qashqai Mk1, but realised the 1.2 petrol turbo models launched with the Mk2 are cheap to buy (some Qashqais are sought-after and do demand high prices). The 1.2 is cheaper for a reason – the early cars did have engine-related problems. Not to be put off, I found one with low ownership, six stamped services and an MOT certificate to 2022. Nissan have had a tie-in with Renault for many years and it’s no surprise to us to see the 1.2 DIG-T has Renault stamped on various engine parts. Launched in early 2014 (on a 63-plate), the…

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life after lockdown

Most of us have driven less since the start of 2020. While some cars have sat idle, the vast majority have suffered an increased frequency of short journeys. Yet, many owners take some convincing that pottering to the shops and back is harder on many of the car’s parts than undertaking longer journeys at higher speeds. This is highlighted by the higher rate of post-lockdown MOT failures, which supports the theory that infrequent use dictates more regular technical attention, not less. Therefore, whether you perform full services from home, or rely on a garage to do it for you, do not think that a relatively low mileage means that you can skip maintenance tasks this year to save money. The temptation is false economy. If anything, the car requires even more…

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mechanical mishaps

Memoirs Over 50 years ago, as an apprentice in the motor trade, I like all of us apprentices would make mistakes – sometimes potentially dangerous ones. Mistakes like getting the valve timing on a Rover 2000 wrong and ending up with bent valves. Too much grease on the gearbox input shaft splines on a Renault following a clutch change – this was discovered on the road test when the clutch was found to be slipping. A further gearbox removal to allow the clutch centre plate to be removed and de-greased along with the pressure plate and flywheel, and a mere smear of lube on the splines rather than half a tin this time. Two that really stand out was the failure to tighten-up a brake union sufficiently on a Jaguar 2.4-litre. A phone…

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cm insider

What has 12 months since the start of lockdown done for the mindset of mechanics? Mechanics and garage owners have highlighted the challenges of business growth and recovery post-lockdown, with work dropping by as much as 75% during periods of 2020 leading the biggest areas of concern. Research conducted by mobile mechanic service has revealed exactly how a year since the first lockdown has impacted the industry. Despite garages being categorised as essential services, the reduction in cars on the road means that 30.4% of the respondents are finding customer acquisition the most difficult part of the business right now. Over 20% of the respondents also mentioned that ordering car parts has proven problematic due to the closure of part branches and Brexit supply chain interruptions, while 33.3% listed this area…

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news in brief

Show off your wonderous workshop Machine Mart is calling for dream workshops, messy or spotless, in a new video series dedicated to motoring pride and joy. If you’ve got a space you’d like to show off, or you have an interesting story you want to share, use the hashtag #WorkshopWednesday on social or email the MM team at The new 500-page Machine Mart spring/summer catalogue is also now available, featuring over 400 price cuts among the 6000 items of tools and machinery, with over 15,000 extra products online. To order your copy visit, or at your local store or call 0844 880 1265. Bodyshop bonanza offers up to 55% from Sealey Sealey has launched its new bodyshop promotion, with over 260 deals and up to 55% off list price. As well…

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tales from the workshop

VOLVO V40 Mismatched exhaust At 23-years-old the owner of this Volvo V40 was watching the pennies when it came to looking after his 1997 Volvo V40 1.8 estate. The motor was still going strong but he was aware that spending out more than the value of the vehicle may not be a wise move. This is though a subject which has often been bought up and as this owner so rightly pointed out to me when I asked him if he was sure on the work being carried-out, if he was to buy another vehicle he wouldn’t know what had been done in the past and would not be as confident that it wasn’t going to let hm down. So the job in hand was to fit a complete new exhaust system, which should…