Car Mechanics June 2021

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New tyre label An updated tyre labelling systemcame into effect from May 1st. It’s basically an improvement to the label we’ve seen on new tyres since 2012. As we can see from TyreSafe’s excellent graphics, the old labelling had seven different categories, which has been shortened to just five - with ‘A’ being the best, ‘E’ being the worst. As before we have three categories that motorists should recognise as important factors when purchasing new tyres - an overview of rolling resistance (given as a fuel pump symbol - why haven’t they included a EV charging point too?), wet grip (shown with a rain cloud) and external rolling noise (shown as dB). Rather than a sound wave symbol as before for noise, it’s replaced by letters A, B and C with the corresponding…

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going soft

Brits love soft-tops. Even since the death of the open-top British sports car, our thirst for them remains unquenched. In 2003, for example, manufacturers sold more convertibles here than the French, Italians and Spanish put together. Today, this means a plethora of models is out there to suit virtually every budget. Interestingly, although somewhat predictably, convertible values are seasonal. As prices tend to dip in the winter, expect fewer bargains during this time of year. Yet, should you be tempted to buy a low-priced car with a duff roof, be cautious, because the cost of repairs on a low-value cabriolet can eclipse its worth surprisingly quickly, although much depends on what is wrong and if a DIY fix is feasible. What goes wrong? For simplicity, this article focusses on more traditional fabric/canvas…

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cm insider

Get bidding for a British classic in rarities auction ► A total of 25 iconic British classic cars from the Winsford collection are now under the hammer as part of a SYNETIQ auction. The range of rarities have spent years in dry storage but are now ready to be recommissioned and returned to the road either as investment opportunities or projects in need to light restoration. Five of the lots in particular are drawing the most attention. First of all, a British Racing Green 1953 Jaguar XK120 OTS, race ready with a roll bar, aero screens, fire extinguisher, harnesses and external ignition cut-off. There’s an ultra-rare 1964 Austin Mini Cooper S, Downton tuned with a bespoke Radford interior, 1071cc A series engine, and servo-assisted disc brakes. A 1971 Ford Escort Mexico, launched in…

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news in brief

The ultimate read for the auto trade ► Sealey has launched its biggest ever tool catalogue, with over 11,900 products featured in the 2021-22 edition. What’s more is that over 2800 of those products are new to market, covering everything from hand tools to machinery, storage and consumables. It’s the ultimate read for automotive technicians, engineers and the DIY crowd. Find it online at New appointment at the top of the IAAF ► Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) has appointed Mark Field as its new chief executive, succeeding Wendy Williamson who is retiring later this year. Field has worked with the IAAF through the Federation’s PR representative, Impression Communications, for the past nine years and will assume chief executive responsibilities from 1 July 2021. He also has experience working within automotive media,…

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tales from the workshop

FORD FOCUS EGR broken pin ► A large proportion of diesel engine problems can be down to EGR-related failure and with the more complex EGR systems now being found this can result in a more expensive outcome to resolve the problem. This 2006 Ford Focus Zetec with the 1.8 TDCi engine had come to me with severe running problems. Testing showed this to be EGR related and so the process of checking out the EGR valve began. On this Focus the manifold needs to be removed before the valve can then be easily unbolted. What I discovered when removing the EGR valve was that the pin had broken between the operating valve and the drive motor - not a part which is accessible and so a complete valve needed to be purchased, but at…

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warped discs

Given the mileage of 62,000 miles, it’s likely that the brake discs are the originals as fitted at the Sunderland factory seven years ago. One of my (many) pet hates is a steering wheel that vibrates under braking, both a slight shimmy and a wheel that tries to jump out of your hands – so Editor Martyn was surprised when I didn’t notice it straight away. To be honest I was busy navigating the Nissan through traffic and getting the feel of it but sure enough, there it was – and it was worse once the discs were warmed-up. Whilst the front discs and pads are pretty conventional, the rears have an electronic handbrake which you either like or you don’t – I sort of like them – particularly as it…