Car Mechanics July 2021

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Email Follow us on Facebook @ Car Mechanics Bumper issue ► We’ve not produced an issue of CM with extra pages for many years – our normal 100 pages is 132 in this issue. We’ve decided to create a couple of these bumper issues during the year and our next one will be in the November 2021 issue where we will look at the subject of workshop kit. Starting on page 47, we tempt you with our top 40 used cars for under £4000. While it doesn’t sound like a lot of money, we know that CM readers are shrewd at finding bargains and can suss-out a good deal when they see one. You can follow our advice on various sectors of body styles as we look at: Hatchbacks, Saloons, Estates, 7-seaters, 4×4/SUVs…

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advanced driver assistance systems

Since motorcars evolved from wealthy persons’ playthings to viable mass transport, manufacturers have made them more user friendly and safer. While safety bodies (along with a handful of brands) focussed initially on how cars respond in an impact, the focus is evolving to prevent the leading cause of incidents: driver error. Today, we take not only decent vehicle dynamics for granted but also a host of extra features that make driving easier and less dangerous. It can be argued, therefore, that servo-assisted brakes, automatic transmission, power steering, ABS and even climate control are all driver assistance systems. Yet, digital technology has accelerated development; complication being the downside. The proliferation of modern electronic safety systems is confusing and can even be disconcerting, when driving a vehicle thus equipped for the first time. ADAS…

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cm insider

Renaults least likely to pass MOTs, says Department for Transport ► In a study of Department for Transport data, Euro Car Parts has unveiled evidence that French manufactures are producing cars that are least likely to pass MOT tests in the UK. The figures found Renault vehicles to be the least reliable, with a pass rate of 69%, closely followed by Citroën at 70% and Peugeot at 72%. The parts supplier analysed over 38 million MOT tests. Filling out the remaining spaces in the bottom five were Vauxhall (also with a 72% pass rate) and Ford vehicles (73% pass rate). At the opposite end of the spectrum, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW take the top three spots for manufacturers producing cars that are most likely to pass their MOTs, with at least an…

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news in brief

Summertime savings with Sealey ► With up to 66% off list price for many products and over 700 featured in total, the Sealey Summer 2021 Promotion has landed. There are 92 new workshop essentials featured across 72 pages, with a new competition offering entrants the chance of winning up to £500 hand tools of their choice. Both competition and promotion are open until 30th September. See ClickMechanic and Road Runner partner up ► Online marketplace for car repair, ClickMechanic, has announced its partnership with specialist motor trade insurers, Road Runner. The new alliance will give mechanics better access to flexible and competitive trade insurance policies, in a bid to help more members of the auto industry grow their businesses. To book a mechanic, visit First Line set to steer you in the right direction ►…

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the peter simpson column

► These days, with cars becoming more and more complex and technology-laden, having the right service history matters more than ever before. Once ‘FSH’ was a nice thing to have. Now, though, an unhistoried car is not only worth considerably less, it might be difficult to shift at any price. This isn’t really surprising. Besides providing proof that a car has been looked-after by previous owners, documented history shows when important major/expensive jobs such as timing belt changes were done – stuff that buyers really do need to know. Otherwise, the only safe option is to do the job(s) anyway, and pay for job(s) that might not have been needed. Sometimes, though, despite its importance, history isn’t always passed on when a car is sold to a new owner. That needn’t, though,…

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tales from the workshop

FORD FOCUS Diesel smell ► I do not like the smell of diesel fuel and I think that even the most ardent diesel owner will agree, the smell of the stuff is not nice. When the fuel leaks onto a hot engine and starts to evaporate I think most would say it is most disagreeable. This 2008 Ford Focus 1.8 diesel with the KKDA engine had covered 110,000 miles and it was overdue on a time basis for its cambelt. The MOT was due in three months’ time and I persuaded the owner to get this done now to spread the cost before any possible MOT expense would be needed. Once I lifted the bonnet to begin the job, I realised that another problem also needed attending to. The pungent smell of diesel led…