Car Mechanics August 2021

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Email us on Facebook @ Car Mechanics Project Jaguar XF The XF has been a big seller for Jaguar since it was introduced in 2008 – replacing the S-TYPE. Now offered at very reasonable prices, we decided to get one from our usual source at British Car Auctions. I had looked at these for weeks before bidding on this 2009 3.0-litre diesel. It would have cost the first owner £37,270, yet today, with just 108,488 warranted miles to its name, we were the top bid at £2950 + fees. The range spec was pretty straightforward in the early days – you had Luxury, Premium Luxury or Portfolio to choose from with the 2.7D and 3.0 V6 petrol being the engine options, before the 3.0D arrived in 2009. A 4.2 V8 petrol was…

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paint correction & protection

Regardless of your vehicle’s age, it is disheartening to witness the inevitable deterioration of its paint finish. As professional services might not be viable financially for relatively low-value cars, the enthusiastic owner is likely to research the DIY options. As with mechanical work, before commencing any repairs, evaluate the paint’s flaws. To do this, view it in a raw state. This means not only washing dirt away but also removing any corrective residues that previous wax, or sealant, applications might have left behind. Such products (glazes especially) contain ‘fillers’ to disguise defects and make the finish look better than it really is. CM’s April 2021 back issue demonstrated how you can do this from home but note that all of those stages must be conducted before you embark on any paint…

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cm insider

Half of independent garages optimistic in the face of tough times ► Research from more than 15,000 garages has highlighted that 74% of respondents said that their business has decreased in performance over the month of April this year. However, over 50% are optimistic about improvement over the course of the year. The statistics also revealed that 48% have made use of the job retention schemes set up by government to furlough staff during periods of slow business, and it was a 50-50 split when asked if they were aware of the DVSA’s Make It Safe campaign to encourage motorists back into the workshop in April and May. For the half of you that may not have heard, the initiative encouraged owners to check their vehicle using four basic safety concerns:► Service…

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news in brief

Caravan sales boom as staycation interest soars ► Robinsons Caravans has seen sales of new caravans up by 47% year-to-date compared to the same time in 2020 following a boom of staycations and an urgency for the public to take back holiday options. Pre-owned caravans have seen an even more impressive boost, up by 65%. The figures also show an increase of 20% in people buying their first caravans, with a 10% increase in customers aged 40 and younger, now accounting for a quarter of sales. Full speed ahead for Brake Engineering ► Brake Engineering is celebrating four decades of UK manufacturing and a commitment to innovation in the automotive aftermarket. In its 40th year of business, the company has produced its eight millionth remanufactured caliper using its 10-stage core process that ensures…

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rail soft top roof repair

Fiat 500C While CM’s back issue (June 2021) detailed folding soft-tops’ common foibles, a simpler variation is a fabric roof that runs on rails. These systems tend to be relatively inexpensive for the car manufacturer to produce, which is why they tend to be fitted to budget cars. Fiat’s 500C is, probably, the most popular contemporary model that employs rails on both of its side panels, into which the soft top supports locate. The folding mechanism is far simpler than those employed by conventional soft-tops, especially as the roof fabric is not hidden from sight, when lowered fully. Furthermore, the 500C employs neither separate gearboxes, nor complex electro-hydraulic circuits of more expensive models. Therefore, one would have thought that this relatively simple system would be inexpensive and straightforward to repair. Do not be…

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tales from the workshop

NISSAN QASHQAI Steady coolant loss ► After having to top-up the cooling system a couple of weeks in a row the owner of this 2010 Nissan Qashqai Acenta +2 dCi decided to have a look around the 1.5 diesel engine to see if he could see where the coolant was escaping from. Spotting a trace of dried-up coolant down the back of the engine he thought the worst and was concerned that the problem may be the head gasket. Asking me to have a look I intended to put the system under a pressure test in the hope of seeing the coolant escaping. The leak had developed slightly and with the warm engine and the owners directions of where he had seen the leak, I managed to spot the problem without the need…