Car Mechanics September 2021

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Martyn Knowles, Editor Email Follow us on Facebook @ Car Mechanics One step forward, two steps back ► I bought a Hyundai i10 from the auctions last year. We needed cars to use in our Service Bay feature as during lockdown(s) garages, understandably, didn’t want a journalist hanging around taking pictures and writing notes. The solution was to drive cars to Rob Hawkins in Leeds to use his home garage as our ‘CM Workshop’. I’d not driven an i10 before and found this one with 88,000 miles on the clock. It drives just fine, picking-up motion with the lightest of throttle action around town. Even on the motorway up to Leeds it didn’t grumble at 70mph (under 4000rpm). Now I must sell it to someone. One of the reasons I bought this car was the fact…

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fuel pump tech

A modern petrol, diesel, or hybrid car would be useless without a means of getting the fuel from its tank to the engine. While various ingenious methods have been employed throughout history, the established set-up on modern cars comprises a low-pressure lift pump within the fuel tank, which incorporates a float/sender unit for the fuel level gauge, and a high-pressure pump within the engine bay. The low-pressure pump’s purpose is to lift the fuel from the tank and pass it through a filter (either a pump-mounted strainer and/or a renewable canister fitted to the fuel line) and into the engine bay. For traditional indirect/port injected petrol engines, in which the fuel injectors locate behind the inlet valves, relatively low pressures are sufficient. Modern direct-injection diesel and petrol (GDI) vehicles obtain impressive strainer…

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cm insider

AutoFix set to drive new generation of Haynes help ► Haynes has drawn on decades of experience at the top of the motoring industry to launch its most technically-advanced product yet – AutoFix. AutoFix is an innovative online repair tool that provides world-leading technical assistance for anyone looking to fix of maintain their vehicle, and it covers 90% of cars on the road in the UK. It’s so much more than just an introductory tool – you’ll find comprehensive data, diagrams, written tutorials and instructional videos, with new content added regularly. Available as a one-time purchase at, AutoFix will be priced at £30, but Haynes have it currently priced as part of an introductory offer at £25 per make/model. For the more seasoned technicians, the online repair tool will soon feature Haynes’ world-leading…

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news in brief

Sealey’s set to give you a hand ► With savings of up to 55% off list price and over 35 new lines, Sealey has launched its new hand tool promotion, valid until the end of October. Newbies to the range include impact bit sets with heat treated CNC machined tips, ratchet wrenches, reversible ratchets and adjustable wrenches with a slim raised lip style handle with hanging hole that’s perfect for alternative storage. If it’s soldering sets you’re after specifically, you’ll find them on page 22 in both 48W and 60W flavours. The best news about it all is that every Sealey hand tool comes with a lifetime guarantee. View the full range and browse the promotion at New member welcomed into the IAAF ► Eurocams Ltd is the latest member in the…

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tales from the workshop

JAGUAR S-TYPE Hidden rust in the sills ► Having owned a Jaguar S-TYPE a few years back I am quite a fan, and I was also lucky enough to continue to look after my old Jag as I sold it to a good friend, who remained pleased with his purchase for eleven years. It was only due to the antics of another motorist that my old S-TYPE was now written-off, and left a big dent in my friends motoring enjoyment. He possibly unwisely decided he was going to replace the S-TYPE with another model of the same ilk, hoping that he would rekindle the same feeling for his new motor. Unfortunately he went out looking for a replacement with his rose tinted spectacles on, and the first 2006 example he saw, which was in…

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servicing & timing belt

Even if a vehicle has a full service history, there’s always a few potential mysteries to be revealed and unknown aspects that question whether everything has been done properly. So there’s only one way to be fully satisfied – don’t assume anything. Consequently, when we drove to North Wales Jag Centre, we’d already asked to have the engine serviced, including oil, filters, timing belt and water pump. As we explained in the last issue of CM, we knew that annual servicing had been completed on our XF, but didn’t know to what extent and whether the timing belt and water pump had been renewed. When we made a start on the servicing of the XF at NWJ, we found a few surprises. The first was that several pieces were missing from…