Car Mechanics December 2021

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Email Follow us on Facebook @CarMechanics The Editor has a breakdown Not me personally, though putting this issue, with the extra 32-pages together was stressful. I’m talking about one of my fleet of cars – resulting in waiting for the recovery services to help. But before that, I had notice to give up a lock-up I rent in South London. I‘d rented this space for 15 years – it was cheaper to rent here than anywhere else as I knew the owner of the said garage. However, they now wanted it back. That meant my 1975 Ford Capri MkII seeing daylight after 11 years locked away. Good friend, John Brennan offered to help. I hired a car recovery truck locally and drove the 55 miles to meet John. Unfortunately, the rusty brakes on the Capri…

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tyre pressure monitoring systems

With most recent figures revealing that 57% of tyres on British roads deviate by at least 4psi from their recommended pressures, it is clear that this nation’s drivers are not especially proficient at regular checks. While it is not unreasonable to presume that CM readers are more mechanically sympathetic than average, many of us may still check our tyres less frequently than the recommended once per month. Even if not caused by a puncture, a tyre deflates gradually over time. One reason is that the pressurised air permeates naturally through the tyre’s rubber structure. However, air pressure also varies with heat, altering readings taken on a hot day, or after an extended journey. Low pressures also prejudice safety. Grip is compromised, because the tread is not in full contact with the road…

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britain’s best bangers

Fiat Multipla What you are looking at here is one of the most beautiful cars ever created, at least if you believe one of the most influential car designers of the last half century. Talking about the Fiat Multipla to German car magazine Auto Bild Klassik, the former BMW and Fiat stylist, Chris Bangle, said: “In order to design a car that’s beautiful in a way we have not yet discovered, we need to take risks. Designers and – more importantly – car manufacturers are incredibly risk averse.” Love it or loathe it, the Multipla was certainly different. Different enough for it to be displayed in the New York Museum of Modern Art and to be named “Car of the Year” and “Britain’s Ugliest Car” in the same year as part of…

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cm insider

Second-hand car prices up by over 56% in two years Some of the UK’s most popular used cars have seen a surge in demand since 2019, according to research from AA Cars. The highest price rise found was for a three-year-old MINI hatch, spiking by 56.63% between 2019 and 2021. Britain’s best-selling used car – the Ford Fiesta – also saw a 31% rise of £9770 compared with its value in 2019. Demand is so strong that some models are even appreciating with age, where they would not have done traditionally. The research has been undertaken for the 30 most searched for vehicles on the AA Cars platform. Surging demand coupled with supply issues have created this unusual pricing trend, which is great for owners reaping a profit if they’re looking to sell…

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news in brief

I’m dreaming of a Sealey Christmas Ditch the decorations and dig in to Sealey’s Christmas Promotion catalogue, ready to reap the benefits from 64 pages of deals. With 111 new products featured, you can find savings of up to 59% off list price. One of the biggest bargains in there is the 270L Low Noise Screw Air Compressor 10hp 3ph with Dryer (SS12710D), where you’ll save almost £1500. Think of how many mince pies that’ll get you. Download your copy at offers free advertising for members Garage-friendly car service and repair booking platform,, has begun digital consumer marketing activity across search engine optimisation and social media, as it continues to raise brand awareness and grow its network and platform throughout the UK. “This is zero cost advertising for the garages…

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tales from the workshop

CITROËN C5 DPF additive We have a few painter and decorator customers who prefer using a car to a van. The versatility of the right car gives them the option to carry a few workers around to different jobs, that a van does not. One particular customer normally buys a cheap old motor, and as he doesn’t need to look posh he has little regard for the state of the interior. His latest transport is a 2004 Citroën C5 diesel which has lots of boot space as well as being economical and comfortable. He has had it a couple of years now and even with the lack of attention it was getting it was still going strong. The Citroëns days were nearly numbered when the ‘additive low’ message appeared on the dash and thinking…