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‘I’ve tried to suggest that F1 is more than just cars following each other’ Former Renault F1 boss Cyril Abiteboul and star driver Daniel Ricciardo awkwardly avoiding each other post-split like reality TV contestants, each race weekend a microscope through which to observe their deteriorating relationship. The McLaren bromance of Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris, long a refreshing tonic to the frosty comradeship that normally characterises the team-mate relationship, rapidly losing its cordiality as the former signs for Ferrari and the latter is snuggled to Zak Brown’s bosom as McLaren’s Chosen One. Haas’s Guenther Steiner spitting swear words like a machine gun, naturally. Valtteri Bottas – the purest, most undiluted form yet discovered of that crucial F1 element, the number two driver, railing against the notion of being a number two…

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the new mr lotus: he means business

THE MONTH ACCORDING TO CAR For a decade, the steel skeleton of the new factory stood open to the elements, the empty shell acting as a monument to the failed moonshot of short-lived CEO Dany Bahar’s attempt to resuscitate Lotus. But things have moved on. The company is yet again under fresh ownership and management, a recurring theme in the turbulent story of Norfolk’s underdog. There’s a new plan to restore the brand, built by Colin Chapman conquering Formula 1 and creating fabled road cars such as the Seven, Elan and Esprit. Over the past 18 months, that steel frame has been renovated, the building enclosed and – on 22 March – final Evora assembly moved into Lotus’s new manufacturing hall. Soon, prototype builds of the first all-new Lotus road car for 12…

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new lotus: the backbone

HYPERCAR The first new-era Lotus, 1973bhp electric Evija aims to be the most powerful car ever. Carbonfibre monocoque chassis could spawn more halo specials, Ferrari-style EV SPORTS CAR Project LEVA –Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture – is working towards a BEV that weighs the same as a car with an engine. Alpine set to share the spoils V6 SPORTS CAR Mid-engined combustion platform forms the bridge from Elise/Exige/Evora to the EV future. V6 Type 131 coupe due early 2022, Clubsport and roadster versions likely LIFESTYLE Lotus has to branch out into four-door cars to become viable. Geely’s new Wuhan factory set to make EVs for premium brands such as Lynk & Co – and Lotus…

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putting new lotus on the map

WHAT YOU GET FOR £100M There’s some serious expansion and renovation going on at Hethel right now. In 2017, Lotus employed 806 people. Under Geely, that’s risen to 1560. Aside from two new assembly lines, a new paint shop and restaurant, the site’s power supply, drainage and communications links have been overhauled. Capacity on a single shift is about 5000 cars per year. It’s not just Hethel: Lotus has built an Advanced Tech Centre at the University of Warwick, a new HQ for Lotus Engineering NEW ASSEMBLY HALL Evora final assembly is now underway to blood the new, 110,000sq ft manufacturing hall. Body frames are carried by automated guided vehicles, giving more freedom to rejig the line than with a fixed carrier system. As Elise/Exige/Evora bow out, their conjoined areas will feed into…

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matt windle: this is your life

EARLY DAYS Starts as an apprentice at camper van maker Dormobile. Next stop: Daewoo in Worthing, learning computer-aided design and working on the Matiz city car LOTUS 1 Joining Lotus Engineering in 1998, Windle works on the 2001 Aston Vanquish, APX concept and Satria GTI for owners Proton. ‘In seven years I never worked on a Lotus,’ he jokes TESLA From 2005, becomes Elon Musk’s point man at Hethel responsible for the Roadster’s body engineering CATERHAM Windle works on the joint venture with Renault’s sports car brand Alpine in 2013 – but lack of funds kills the Caterham version ZENOS Helps engineer the innovative two-seat rocket from Norfolk’s other sports car maker, but firm runs out of cash LOTUS 2 Returns to Lotus in 2017, regularly taking on new roles including sports car lead and Engineering division head, before becoming MD.…

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audi and porsche eye f1… talks held with fia… 2025 rules the big draw

Audi and Porsche are considering joining Formula 1, and could make a decision this spring about whether one or both will press ahead with the surprise move. Major rule changes due to come into effect with the 2025 season, lowering costs and going greener. These could tempt new teams with the prospect of a more level playing field. Porsche boss Oliver Blume said: ‘The good thing is that everybody starts at zero.’ But he also said: ‘To turn it into viable business case which dovetails with our core brand values, the regulations need to change so that Porsche can broadly identify with the new environment-friendly priorities.’ Meanwhile, an Audi spokesman flatly denied that F1 is an option. ►At the end of 2020, Audi and Porsche held preliminary discussions with the FIA, sounding…