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‘Getting hold of a 911 GT3 is like the bunfight for Glastonbury tickets’ ‘It’s an impossible balance, I’ll be honest with you. You always end up upsetting someone, and some of those people are very good customers who’ve bought many, many cars from you. It’s a very tricky one, to put it mildly.’ While the Porsche salesperson I spoke with chuckled wearily as he said those words, you couldn’t miss the crack of pain in his voice. For while a new Porsche 911 GT3 is a joyous moment for the lucky few, the black art of working out who gets to buy one is a source of immense frustration – as much for those doing the selling as those trying to do the buying. It’s like the bunfight for Glastonbury tickets but…

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the spring in toyota’s step

CARS, PEOPLE, SCOOPS, MOTORSPORT, ANALYSIS – THE MONTH ACCORDING TO CAR In the space of a fortnight, the same company unveiled a rear-wheel-drive coupe that exists purely for driving pleasure and an electric SUV that heralds the start of a new drive to save the planet. Welcome to 2021, Toyota-style. And, this being Toyota, there’s nothing random about these polar-opposite announcements. In fact, the seeds were sown in the late ‘90s when Toyota backed hybrids while others were going big on diesels. That turned out to be a very smart move; it’s sold 70 million hybrids. And now, while others are urgently diverting resources to electric replacements for cars that emit high levels of CO2 – or eschewing sporty flagships, such as Nissan Europe with the next Z car and Ford’s decision…

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vw ev plans on target… local variants promised… id range to get city car

Panic over. Despite initial problems with software and build quality, VW has succeeded in getting its ID family of electric cars off to a strong start. In Covid-hit 2020, VW delivered nearly 134,000 electric vehicles, up 197 per cent. The ID.3 and ID.4 are now familiar sights on Europe’s roads, but a more significant volumedriver is the ID.6 (below) – a model that, for now at least, is for China only. Or rather, make that models plural. There are two versions, the ID.6 Crozz and ID.6 X, built in different parts of the country and tailored to regional tastes, on top of a choice of battery size, motor output and two- or all-wheel drive. The ID.6 has a longer wheelbase and a longer body than the ID.4, which in turn…

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corvette brings the heat

Factfile POWERTRAIN 5.5-litre 32v twin-turbo V8, eight-speed dual-clutch auto, 805bhp (ZR1, est) CHASSIS Aluminium, mid-engined DUE 2023 1 FOUR STAGES OF MADNESS The eighth-generation Corvette has broken with tradition by being mid- rather than front-engined, and by being built in right-hand drive for markets including the UK, Australia and Japan. But it’s sticking with tradition by spawning a variety of higher-powered versions. Nothing has been confirmed by GM, but we’re expecting four hot versions, including a 1000bhp hybrid. But these are less likely to be built in righthand-drive, given the sales volumes. 2 THE PUSHROD CLINGS ON The base Corvette C8 Stingray (order in the UK from official importer Ian Allan Motors) has a 6.2-litre pushrod V8 (below), and that will be combined with a front-mounted e-motor, driving the front wheels, in a model rumoured to be…

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if you’re looking for trouble…

Funny lot, rally drivers. If it’s not hurting, and leaving the car in tatters, that means they weren’t trying hard enough. So the World Rally Championship’s toughest event, Kenya’s Safari Rally, is welcomed back to the calendar for the first time since 2002 – but with a hint of regret that it won’t be as tough as it was. The last Safari Rally with WRC status was won by the Ford Focus RS driven by the late Colin McRae with co-driver Nicky Grist. ‘Safari was always exceptionally long, very rough and very tough on a car,’ recalls Grist, still heavily involved in Welsh rallying. ‘It’s not a question of driving flat out. It’s about driving as fast as you can, but slow enough that you don’t damage the car. That was the…

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audi’s ev blitz gets serious

Playtime is over. After years of fiddling around with camera mirrors, projector lights and the contents of the Porsche’s parts bin, Audi’s turned its attention to two big chunks of the mainstream market for its next EVs: compact SUVs and executive saloons. Enter the Q4 e-Tron and A6 e-Tron concept. You might think all Audis are serious, but its EV offerings so far have arguably been either a dip of the toe (the e-Tron SUV) or something inaccessible to many (the Porsche-based e-Tron GT). This new pair are Ingolstadt stepping up its commitment to the EV future. What’s so special about the Q4? This the first Audi to use the VW Group MEB platform (the one beneath the VW ID range). Audi has decided the deploy it as a compact SUV first, as…