Classic Bike Guide August 2018

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george brough, ss100 grand tourer

‘Designer, manufacturer, rider of the Brough Superior’ is how George Brough described himself. But the founder of Brough Superior was more, much more than that. He was a superb salesman, often remembering owners by name. He was a shrewd businessman, realising that the best way to make the motorcycle of his vision was to buy parts in and essentially assemble these fine parts. He knew more about marketing before the term was even used; making sure that Broughs were always at the forefront of speed trials and racing; gaining headlines and column inches. He made sure there was an innovative model on the stand for the British motorcycle show, including some interesting and rarely-seen engine configurations. George Brough knew how to make Brough Superior stand out and become the bike to…

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quite how, exactly, do you do that?

THOUGH SCHOOL, ACADEMIA and conventional studying weren’t my forte, I was lucky-enough to grow up in the countryside where the emphasis seems to be on fixing, well, all kinds of stuff. My parents saw I was interested in this, so when their old car failed the MoT badly, they gave it to me, aged 11. The proviso was that they would insure me when I was 17; and so began the long road of realising something was broken, how it was broken, how to fix it and then, once the first, second and often third attempt had failed, how to fix it successfully. Hours of my life were spent in the shed. There was no Jedi master to help me, just a smattering of old tools, added to every birthday and…

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last of the few

If we all had access to a time machine it might be a good move to scoot back to the late 1960s and buy a twin-cylinder 500. Not to bring back to the here and now, that probably wouldn’t be allowed, but simply to love and to leave to ensure that there would be a lot more 500 twins for everybody to enjoy 50 years down the line – ready for when the pool of exotic bikes slipped forever beyond the reach of Mr Everyman and riders finally came to their senses and admitted that 650 parallel twins are truly hard work to live with. It’s an interesting thought and certainly one shared by Jim Hastilow who does his classic biking on a budget, but still wants to ride something with…

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norton prepares ground for atlas scrambler

A FAMOUS NORTON name is set to return with their new 650cc scrambler model. The Atlas Scrambler will feature a new 650cc 270° parallel twin, which is believed to be derived from the long-awaited design for a 1200cc V4 superbike. Computer generated images of the new Scrambler were posted on Twitter by CEO Stuart Garner. The 650 will compete in the popular scrambler market currently being fought over by Triumph, Ducati and BMW, among others. A complete bike is expected to appear at this November’s Motorcycle Live event at the NEC. The Atlas Scrambler is the first model of a new Norton range that will use the same basic 650cc engine in different power settings – 70 and 100bhp fuel-injected models and a 170bhp supercharged supersports bike. The images show a pair of…

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faster and longer for leighton hall’s hill climb

SPECTATORS AND COMPETITORS are in for even more high-octane action at Leighton Hall’s annual hill climb this year. Now in its fourth year, the event in Carnforth, Lancashire on Sunday, September 23 has an extended course with the track lengthened by nearly a quarter to 268m from the previous 220. The increased challenge for riders also means extra excitement for spectators, with a high speed 60° right-hand bend just 50m from the start line providing a grandstand view. The undulating and longer track will have riders reaching speeds of over 100mph, as it inclines up through the Leighton Hall parkland. With no speed or noise limits, the race is open to all solo motorcyclists and three-wheelers of any cc size up for the challenge. Leighton Hall provides the perfect backdrop for the event.…

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antrim rudge arrives at sammy miller’s

THE LATEST PROJECT for the Sammy Miller Restoration Workshop is a 1913 TT Rudge that was donated to the Museum Trust by staunch supporter Bill McComb of County Antrim. Bill had the machine for many years in a dismantled and poor state and decided that it needed restoring, to bring it back to its full glory and to donate it for display in the Sammy Miller Museum Racing Gallery. There are many special features on the TT model that was originally registered in Northern Ireland. The Sammy Miller Museum displays nearly 400 motorcycles, some with great trial and racing history. It is one of the finest collections of fully-restored motorcycles in Europe. The contents are changing constantly and the museum also houses many motorcycling related artefacts. There is 40-seater café with new outside…