Classic Bike Guide August 2019

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do we hold the answer to the new rider shortage?

WELCOME! I HOPE YOUR LOCAL BIKE meets are busy in this cracking weather. There’s much to look at after a good ride and this little world of biking sees many niches come together, from one-piece leathers parking 200bhp monsters next to wax jackets riding air-cooled cool; adventure suits clambering down from two-wheel Land Rovers next to hoodies scooting in on 50s and 125s. In today’s polarised, dystopian society, the oft-frowned upon world of biking provides a little two-wheeled utopia. It’s also a good time to reflect on how bikes have changed, but also how they haven’t. A friend passed her test years ago, had a break and now she wants to return. She’s bought a Honda MSX125; a modern take on a Monkey, or a Dax bike. It’s fun, it looks…

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ariel sloper

FANCY SOME BANGERS AND SMASH POTATO? Or fish and Microchips? Thought not… In 2019, few people eat Smash potatoes or crack open a box of McCain’s Microchips; these phenomena are – along with lava lamps, pocket TVs and SodaStreams – part of the 20th-century’s ever-growing list of ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ objects. But not all ephemera with a temporary shelf life are a gimmick. And this month’s Motorcycles that Matter is one such example: the Ariel Sloper. The Sloper was a machine that performed remarkably well, withstood numerous endurance tests, was unusually reliable, leaked relatively little oil and was easy to maintain. And it didn’t look too bad either. Yet it had a far shorter shelf life than Smash potato; such that the Sloper is barely even a footnote in Ariel’s history.…

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les williams: triumph trident legend

TRIUMPH TRIPLE GENIUS Les Williams has died at the age of 87. He was known throughout the world of British classic motorcycling for his involvement with Triumph’s racing triples, his work with the White Helmets display team and for setting up L P Williams, which has been helping keep Triumph twins and triples on the road since 1976. Les was a member of the White Helmets display team in the mid-1950s, and then worked at Meriden, eventually joining the experimental department which was the name given to Triumph’s race shop in the 1960s and 70s. In 1970 he became involved, along with Doug Hele and Rob North, with creating the Triumph Trident based ‘Slippery Sam’ production race machine. Slippery Sam was so named when a mixture of Duckhams mineral and castor oil…

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is real better than restored? you decide

AS THIS MAGAZINE arrives on the newsstand, one of the great classic motorcycling mysteries may have been solved. Is a sparkling nut and bolt rebuild better and more valuable than an unrestored bike? Sometimes the old ones really are the best and you don’t want to mess with them. That is the case with this Brough Superior. Unusually, it has been restored to look unrestored by the leading marque restoration specialist, Simon Miles. It was estimated to sell for £100,000-£150,000 by H&H Classics on July 30 at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. The work to restore this bike to look used cost more than a normal restoration and a lot of original parts were used. It is one of only two bikes restored by Simon Miles to retain the patina of…

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fun on the border

THE BORDERS CLASSIC Bike Show in the Welsh Marches is one of the longest established classic shows in the calendar. The show, founded by Jim Reynolds in the mid-1980s, has gone from strength to strength and has the advantage of being in the heart of some of the best biking country in the UK, being both out of the way and easy to get at. 2019’s show is on Sunday, September 8 and raises money for the PTA at the show’s location, The Lacon Childe School in Cleobury Mortimer. This year the show is also raising money for the Midlands Air Ambulance. The PTA will be organising the event as Jim Reynolds has retired after more than three decades. He will be guest of honour and present the trophies. The Bike Show will…

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team wildcard in two bonneville record bids

TWO INTREPID CLASSIC racers from the West Country are heading across the Atlantic to the Bonneville Salt Flats to try and break two land speed records. Team Wildcard is comprised of two shed-based racers, Phil Betty and Miki Sprosen, who will be taking a much-modified early 1960s Triumph T21 350 and a 1971 650cc Triumph Bonneville T120R to the famous speed venue in August. The venture started four years ago when the duo took a trip to Pendine Sands to check out Straightliners record racing on the beach. Inspired by their trip to the Welsh beach, by 2016 both riders were competing in top speed racing with Straightliners on the beach and used that as a way of finding out what would be needed for them to successfully compete in the Bonneville…