Classic Bike Guide December 2019

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get your thermals out – there’s plenty to do

WITH THE LAST CLASSIC SHOWS packed up here in the UK, we’ve got tinkering time ahead! Few like taking their pride and joy out in the depths of winter; and yet some of the best fun can be had, especially if you like dirt-riding, which we do here. Here at Classic Bike Guide Towers, the Benelli is getting stripped down for some new crank seals, while the Norton ES2, which has been left unloved on the bench while the weather has been treating us to some good riding, is now in full swing again. Hopefully the engine will go back together next month, and the metalwork straightened, primed and painted. Neville’s Beeza is flying now and could do with an oil change and the TriBSA needs a service; all good dark-evening jobs,…

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and they’re off!

At Spa Francorchamps on July 17, riders roar away from the startline of the 1930 European Grand Prix in Belgium. The European Grand Prix has come and gone, in both motorcycle and car championships. From 1924 to 1948 bikes had one round designated as the European Grand Prix, with the winner having the title of European Champion, as well as winning that nation’s Grand Prix. In 1930, it was Belgium’s turn, at Spa-Francorchamps. Four races were held: with German Ivan Goor winning the 175cc on a DKW; Syd Crabtree the 250cc on an Excelsior; Ernie Nott the 350cc and Irishman, Henry Tyrell-Smith the 500cc race, both on Rudges. Tyrell-Smith was on a run that year, with another win in the TT Junior and sixth in the Senior, both on a Rudge. He was…

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coventry eagle flying 8

IF THERE WAS A MOTORCYCLE CONSERVATION list, then the subject of this month’s Machines That Matter ought to be on it: the 1928 980cc Coventry Eagle Flying 8. Hell, it might even warrant ‘critically endangered’ status. The Flying 8 was produced from 1923 to 1931 and even then, relatively few were manufactured. Despite its short lifespan, however, there is something of a cult surrounding the V-twin, JAP-engined machine: there are trendy ‘Flying 8’ T-shirts available on Amazon, bearded hipsters are queuing up to write about it and values of the mighty motorcycle are going through the roof. And it’s not hard to see why. The machine did not enjoy the high volume production numbers of other Coventry Eagle models and the number of machines in existence today is believed to be in…

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time to show off at newark

WHEN THE LAST of the Baileys has been drained and the turkey carcass is festering in the food recycling bin, you can comfort yourself with the knowledge that we can all get back to the serious business of classic biking. And a good way of getting the restoration and winter project juices flowing is a trip to The Carole Nash Classic Bike Guide Winter Classic Show at Newark. With an excellent mix of traders, dealers and autojumble plots, it’s the perfect place to grab a box of parts and spares, find the inspiration needed to finish your restoration for a summer of riding or perhaps pick up a new project. The show fills the main George Stephenson Hall and the Lady Eastwood Hall with competition trials, scrambler and race bikes rubbing bar…

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new desert gear from fuel

A NEW COLLECTION of quality motorcycle clothing inspired by the early Paris-Dakar Rallies in the 1970s proves that you aren’t stuck with black waxed cotton or old school leather to get a stylish period look and quality motorcycle clothing. Fuel Motorcycles’ ‘Rally Raid’ collection is inspired by the endurance off-road legend Thierry Sabine and the rally across the Sahara. Fuel Motorcycles is a two-wheeled lifestyle brand born in Barcelona in 2012 by a group of riders brought together by the common love of motorcycles, adventure and vintage culture. The company says the Rally Raid collection is not just style over substance. The jackets and trousers from the collection feature: Cotton and polyamide outer fabric, an integral kevlar inter layer, a waterproof membrane, Smoothways CE Level 2 armour at the back, shoulders and elbows…

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ekins inspires triumph’s latest bonneville specials

TRIUMPH HAS ANNOUNCED two special editions of the Bonneville T120 and T100 that celebrate the legend of Bud Ekins. Bud was a professional Hollywood stuntman, top motocross and desert racer, and the rider in the 1960s who made arguably the most famous motorcycle film jump in history, in the The Great Escape, on behalf of his friend and ISDT partner, Steve McQueen. These two new Bonneville specials feature a one-off California-inspired Bud Ekins paint scheme and see a revival of the old Meriden-Triumph badge along with a range of dedicated special details and touches. As well as the Ekins specials, Triumph also has a new version of the Thruxton café racer and a new special edition of its Bobber.…