Classic Bike Guide January 2020

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these times they are a’ changing

IMAGINE YOU WERE INTERVIEWING AN MP for a job and they wouldn’t tell you what they could do, but how terrible the other interviewees were; or if your child behaved like they see the MPs in the Houses of Parliament behaving. It’s wrong, isn’t it? But by the time you read this it’ll all be over; the self-important ‘speak for us’ brigade will have thrown insults, yelled, lied and promised the earth on a stick for the last time, and we can all go back to playing with bikes. But wait; could old bikes be a solution? I've a plan. Split the house into groups from different parties and give them an old bike to restore and get running. A project focuses the mind and cooperation is essential. Finding each other’s strengths, looking at…

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percy tait, 1929-2019

I never knew Percy Tait, but his name was one of the first I got to know when I came into the classic racing scene. I used to speak to his remarkable wife, Di, to try and get some time when he would be well enough to allow us to get some of his stories first hand, but sadly it was never to be. This farmer’s son would become synonymous with Triumph, his day job of testing prototypes and new models mixed with racing at the weekends being well known. He also gained Triumph their greatest victory at the Belgian Grand Prix in 1969, coming second to one Giacomo Agostini on his all-conquering MV triple. Ago managed an average lap of 125mph, while Percy, the only man who had not been…

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norton p92

IN 1899 A BASSETT’S SWEETS SALES REP DROPPED several trays of samples while showing his confectionery to a client. In a desperate bid to rearrange them, he scrambled the various sweets together and in doing so created the multi-million pound product, known as Bassett’s Liquorice Allsorts. Granted, confectionery and motorcycles are very different industries, but there’s a parallel to this story in this issue’s Motorcycles that Matter: the Norton Project 92, or ‘P92’. This was a mish-mash machine comprised of available parts across BSA, Triumph and Norton – a sort of ‘Liquorice Allsorts’ on two wheels – only, unlike Bassett’s best-seller, this version never made it to market. The P92 is essentially the machine that never was. Only three versions were built – one of which has been fully restored to running…

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team wildcard bags two records

TWO CLASSIC BIKE racers from Cornwall have broken two American Land Speed Records on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Phil Betty and Miki Sprosen featured on our news pages back in July and revealed their plan to seize back the two land speed records for Triumph. The duo, who have been vintage and classic clubman racers for over 20 years, together form Team Wildcard. They are sponsored by Monty’s Classic Motorcycles, who, like the racers, are based in the Tamar Valley in East Cornwall. Before their trip, the 350cc pushrod engine record was held by a Moto Morini and the 650 record by a Kawasaki. After the first two days of racing, the bikes, a highly modified 1957 Triumph T21, owned by Lenny Diggins, and Miki’s stock 1971 Bonneville, were just off the…

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ogri: everybody’s favourite

THE IMMORTAL OGRI was the proto-rocker that a certain kind of Seventies and Eighties rider wished they were. Created by the genius that is Paul Sample, Ogri, along with the hapless Malcolm, the frankly pneumatic Mitzi and Kickstart the dog, was a monthly part of British motorcycling life from 1972 to 2013, published first in Bike magazine and then, for four years, in custom bike publication Back Street Heroes. In 2017 Laughing Gnome books published a special collector’s edition of the strips called Now to Make My Getaway’; The Complete Compendium of Ogri strip cartoons 1972-2013. After the success of this sell-out special edition, the publisher has enlisted the help of lifelong fans to help compile a lighter, slimmer, and considerably more aerodynamic volume: Ogri – Everybody’s Favourite. It features the 150…

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post-christmas huddersfield market jumble

PRISE YOURSELF OFF the sofa and head to the Huddersfield Auto/Retro Jumble on Sunday, December 29 at The Old Market Building, Brook Street, Huddersfield. The event, situated in the picturesque Victorian market building, consists of up to 130 stalls selling car and motorcycle parts, accessories, tools, motoring literature, brochures, mascots, automobilia, workshop manuals, retro items, etc – in fact, anything concerned with motoring, with the emphasis on the older (and not-so-old) collectors car or motorcycle. There will be free trade papers and free street parking. A good selection of hot and cold refreshments will be available. Doors open at 10am and admission is £2.50, with children under 12 free.…