Classic Bike Guide March 2020

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farewell, norton; hello, technology

AS I WRITE THIS, THE MODERN incarnation of Norton Motorcycles has gone into administration. While many are shouting from the rooftops about wrongdoings and what ‘they’ should have done, I just feel a real sadness; sad for those that work there, sad for those who put their faith and money into the marque, sad for the small supply companies and really sad that this once great name is, yet again, no more. What is it about James Norton’s company that made it a survivor when so many didn’t? What made that name so powerful? Throughout Norton’s 122-year history it has regularly trodden a rocky path, had to overcome adversity and despite this, the name still carries clout and vigour. When I was younger, riding Japanese two-strokes, I may have had no knowledge…

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sometimes talent is hidden; other times it is most pronounced

Barry Sheene began messing about on trials bikes after buying a Triumph Tiger Cub from future British sidecar champion Mick Boddice, when they were both about 12 or 13 years old. The Cub was replaced by a Bultaco Sherpa when Barry began entering Kent club trials. This shot of him messing about at Snetterton on October 13, 1968 was taken shortly after he got back to Britain from acting as GP mechanic that season for Lewis ‘Del Boy’ Young. Not only did Sheene win two world titles in 1976 and 77, but his style, personality and ability to harness the power of the media with sponsorship changed motorcycle racing forever.…

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ducati desert dream

YET, DESPITE GEOGRAPHICAL AND chronological incongruity, one man, an IT consultant from North Yorkshire, has made it his life’s ambition to restore three Ducati scramblers to ride on the foggy, narrow lanes of God’s Own County. The machines include a standard RT desert racer and an RT ‘mongrel’ – a burnt-out, curious shell of a bike caked in dirt and heavily corroded. But it’s the latter that really grabbed his attention and led Ray Dudding – a lifelong Ducati collector – on an epic investigative journey, one that takes in Cold War technology, political crises and arachnid-reptilian invaders. Rachel Clegg tells the story... One wonders how many of history’s baffling, bonkers endeavours are owing to that simple, fateful phrase, ‘what the hell!’ Certainly for Ray, ‘what the hell!’ sparked his monumental investigative mission…

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norton motorcyles collapse

BRITISH MOTORCYCLE MAKER Norton Motorcycles has gone into administration, following its struggle to pay a £300,000 tax bill – and as a result, the Leicestershire-based factory has faced a winding-up order from the HRMC offices over the amounts it owes. It’s surprising, because Norton has been very busy over the past three years – acquiring a range of investments, making a range of export and licensing deals and seemingly selling plenty of bikes (well, taking deposits for plenty of bikes at the very least). So how is it they’ve not managed to pay a £300,000 tax bill? In July 2015, (the then) Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne visited Norton to announce a £4 million investment from the British Government. The Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative was intended to allow Norton and…

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royal enfield down to their last 500 bullets

ROYAL ENFIELD’S SINGLE-CYLINDER Classic and Bullet 500cc engine, originally launched in 2009, is being retired from production. The unit construction engine was at the centre of Royal Enfield’s success in Europe and North America but is now being eclipsed by the new 650 twin which has been winning plaudits across the world, as has the 410cc Himalayan adventure bike with its OHC engine. In production terms the Asian-market only 350 Bullet vastly outperforms the 500, with RE reportedly building 60,000 350 Bullets a month against 4,000 500 and 650 models. The Bullet was first built in Redditch in the 1930s and has been in continuous production ever since, with production in India starting in 1948. To mark the end of 500cc engine production, Royal Enfield will release a special limited-edition Classic 500 Tribute Black,…

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classics to gather in essex

PETER BEST INSURANCE, classic and specialist vehicle insurers, will be hosting a second annual Drive-It Day event at Braxted Park Estate, Essex on Sunday, April 26. Last year 500 classics and many more enthusiasts took part and this year Braxted Park will be opening its stately doors to up to 1000 vehicles. This is a free event offering a fantastic opportunity to admire a wonderful array of vintage vehicles through to modern-day collectables. As well as entries from clubs and motoring enthusiasts, there’ll also be a static display of rare and interesting bikes and cars. Peter wants to hear from clubs who’d like to take part. To secure your place register at:…