Classic Bike Guide July 2020

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what have you bought? ha!

IT IS ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING THINGS US old bike lovers can do; acquire a new bike. A seed of a particular model is sown, followed by copious evenings researching, reading about the history, looking for common parts with other models, asking folk what to look for and what to avoid. Then you find one. There follows the infamous cat-and-mouse, with you playing the stoney-faced poker player as you go to view a possible purchase, giving an impression you're not really, really keen and just want to buy it. A deal is done. Getting said machine home and yet more discovery starts. Pulling panels off, listening for noises, trying it out on a ride. It's a period of extreme sensations, of excitement, of fear, of what joy is to become. My…

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behind the name - sunbeam

It is a wonderfully provocative and positive name, Sunbeam, isn't it? It is said that William Marston's good lady wife looked at a bicycle he had made and commented on the sun glistening in the black and gold finish; possibly down to the quality from the training and experience he had gained as a Japanner (like modern powder-coat or enamelling but better). After mastering this trade, in 1877 Marston built a successful bicycle company and even started making cars. And the name of the factory in Wolverhampton? Sunbeamland, of course. After early tests with motorised bicycles had ended in tragedy, Marston disliked motorcycles. But when the car trade slumped, there was little choice. The name was quickly associated with quality machines, well built and cleverly thought out. Competition successes helped this, with…

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corona competitor

FOR MOST PEOPLE WHO START PROJECT BIKES from scratch, the vision of that mythical finished article is what drives them on. In their mind, so much is planned that an accurate shopping wish list is formed. It's a good, practical and sensible way to go about building a bike. The internet, books or magazine articles all help, with previous folks' attempts and experience; so the end result is more or less a proven build. Then there is the serial bike builder's way. This is less organised, as it relies on their natural, visual talent to 'see' a bike in their heads. It is often joined with an unnatural ability to make, engineer or create anything, from anything. Well, nearly. The look, even the purpose of their bike will be taken from stock…

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classic news

Who's your classic biking community champion? CLASSIC INSURANCE BROKERS Footman James want to celebrate the champions in the classic vehicle community - from the members clubs couldn't do without, to the friend who always pops by in your hour of need. Footman James will choose one person each week to celebrate, with that person receiving a Lego vehicle model of their choice up to £150 and a £150 donation to the charity of their choice. Frank Hambleton, chairman of the Buxton Motorcycle Club was nominated by Stephen Edwards who said in his submission: "In the short time the club has been set up, he has built the club up to over 300 members, raising thousands for charity and getting people of all ages out on their bikes. "He attracts some big names to speak…

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star letter

Motorcycles and physics together Just a quick note to thank you for a great magazine! As a motorcyclist I look forward to every edition of CBG and enjoy it so much from cover to cover. As a motorcycling physicist I was even more overjoyed to find in the May edition the usual array of interesting subjects plus in the editorial a potted history of Isaac Newton contributed by Ashley Watson. Motorcycles and physics between the same covers - it doesn't get much better than that! It is true that Newton self-isolated from the plague but then, because of his reclusive nature he spent most of his life alone, although he did spend time with the Royal Mint, the Royal Society and the University of Cambridge. Newton had a most unattractive nature, being vain…

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Heard of a Flandria? While in lockdown I am catching up on my stash of CBG (I work away from home a lot normally). Just read the March issue with the article about Classic European 125s. I think you missed one. When I was a lad, we had a bloke come to our village to see a girl that lived there. We used to congregate on an old farm track across the fields where we took it in turns to ride up and down on a moped; a Garelli if memory serves me correctly. Anyway, this lad turned up on a 'proper' motorbike, not a moped and while he and said girl were 'playing' in the undergrowth we were actually allowed to ride this wondrous thing. Bearing in mind that I was about…