Classic Bike Guide October 2020

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welcome one and all!

THE SUMMER MAY BE EBBING AWAY ALL too quickly, but the bike meets have been buzzing and some wonderful machines have been getting out, no doubt some finished thanks to the Government-backed ‘finish your bike’ scheme. Or, at least I think it was called that… Last week there was a twin-BSA A65-engined, original drag bike at our local bike meet, while a couple of weeks ago at another meet, there was a trio of gorgeous, modified Puch Maxi mopeds, a beautiful Rotary Norton F1 - Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP look-a-like, and a BSA with a Ford Kent crossflow engine, mounted transversely. Nev’s been out on his JAP-Ariel, I’ve been falling in love with the B31 again, Maria’s been on her GS500, and there was even a Stanley steam car puffing up…

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■ touring – in the most beauteous style

This month, Ross Mowbray, editor of Morebikes, and I toured around the East of England for a couple of days, which you can read about on page 66. We used one of the first mainstream tourers, a BMW R100RT brought out in 1978, and its modern-day sibling, the R1250RT, to see the difference. With more than 40 years between the designs, it was very interesting. Ninety-one years ago, back in 1929, the very idea of touring was grand. While the working man was trying to keep food on the table, those that could were finding the still-new motorcycle could give them a newfound freedom. And the few that could afford it, chose to do it on a Brough Superior SS100 Alpine Grand Sports. The 986cc V-twin was made by JAP and each…

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ariel ht3

HUGH CONFIDED THAT THE HT3’S SAVIOUR was actually Martin, a biker who is also ‘weel-kent’ in Tillicoultry for being a hoarder first, and motorcyclist second. Although they were lifelong friends, Hugh mentioned that he couldn’t ever recall having seen Martin ride a motorcycle – despite the ‘collector’s’ known obsession for Scott and Ariel motorcycles. Even when Martin managed to buy the Ariel from the ‘wild bunch’, it was immediately spirited away to a large shed outside his house. There it festered for more than 40 years, never seeing the light of day or turning a wheel. But one day Martin would make a start on restoring his HT3, more of which follows. During my discussions with Hugh, what became obvious was not only did this Ariel have a well-known history, but also…

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the charismatic engineer

When the charismatic Edward Turner joined Ariel in 1932 he introduced the 500cc and 350cc Red Hunter models – also commonly referred to as ‘Ariel’s sporting singles’. Although gifted engineer Val Page was responsible for designing Ariel singles as early as 1926 (Black Ariels), it was Turner that introduced popular red and chrome petrol tanks, single port heads, enclosed valve gear, high-level exhaust, beefed-up crankcases, forged steel flywheels and improved oil lubrication. The Red Hunters evolved from road burners and grasstrackers into fully fledged trail bikes – to become the forerunners of the successful HT and HS competition trials machines.…

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the legendary trials rider

After a short but successful road racing career, Irishman Sammy Miller turned his hand to trials competition to become one of the most celebrated trials riders in history. Best known for riding his modified and lightened Ariel HT5 500cc factory single (GOV 132) to nine gold ISDT victories and five Scottish Six Days Trials championships, he was very much a dominant figure and competed successfully in over 1300 trials. Sammy was also crowned British Champion 11 times and European Champion twice, impressive records that earned Sammy an MBE in 2009. Although he went on to ride successfully for Bultaco, Sammy was best known for his work in developing the Ariel HT5 as a potent and competitive trials machine.…

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bas mystery bike

YOU WON’T SEE MANY BEESA C15S SECTIONED to show off the inner workings as neatly done as this one. It’s part of Paul Rigby’s collection from vintage through to late classics, but as he’s a man who likes to get out and ride his bikes, this one does rather cramp his style. There’s a big gap in its history, but Paul does remember being asked to weld and re-instate a silencer for a family friend about 30 years ago “so they could re-use it on this bike they were restoring. I never saw the entire bike back then, just various parts. “Twelve months ago the family contacted me and asked if I would be interested in retrieving the bike from the loft. I was glad to help, expecting boxes of parts, but…