Classic Bike Guide April 2021

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greetings, dear lovers of mostly old machinery!

THE CREW OF CLASSIC BIKE GUIDE, wretched, giddy, drunken fools we may be, hope you are all happy, healthy(ish) and dealing with what the world throws at us, while still planning your rides, tinkering in the shed, buying projects and not, in any way, hitting that dusty old bottle of sherry at the back of the cupboard… I must start by sharing the sad news of the passing of Graeme Murray Walker OBE, ex- Formula 1 commentator, at the ripe old age of 97. It was sadly too close to deadline to get anything in the magazine, but Murray, born in 1923, played a massive part in my growing up, as he probably did for many of you. He was my excitable preacher on a Sunday, and in the days of…

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from our archive

Past and present board track races Nowadays beach races are extremely popular in the USA and Europe, but board track racing is also increasingly popular in Europe. Unfortunately, there are few real board track courses left, in Germany there is still a real wooden track in Bielefeld, near Hannover. On the Montlhery circuit, just below Paris and of course at Brooklands in England, historical races are more often organised. There are also tracks where cycling laps are normally held, which are suitable as a board track circuit. It was therefore the European cycling tracks that modelled the board tracks in America, early last century. Unfortunately, you rarely see beautiful wooden oval tracks anymore, most of them are asphalt or concrete. However, the atmosphere is no less and the enthusiasm among the riders…

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dream racer

THE DISTINGUISHED SOUND OF A HIGH performance inlet-over-exhaust engine rumbles in the ears, the unmistakable smell of old oil and gasoline is in the air. The sharp pulses from the exhausts stir the sand, the motorcycle shaking, and the rider dressed in period clothing twists the throttle and as a free galloping mechanical horse, he takes off. It is Jurgen who rides his old Harley-Davidson JD racer full throttle on the beach; with goose bumps on our arms we fully enjoy the visual and aural feel of yesteryear. Priceless Jurgen’s board tracker got a lot of attention during the Normandy Beach Race last year and spurred on by this machine and its performance, we pay a visit to the sympathetic Belgian at his home, to learn more about his racer. “I chose…

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some history and development

The Harley-Davidson JD from Jurgen is from 1929 and is a 1200cc inlet-over-exhaust engine. “There are many details to report,” says Jurgen. “The cylinders are special Ricardo cylinders, we believe. Sir Ricardo went from England to America in the early 1900s at the request of H-D to help develop an engine for their new racing bike. He stayed there for three months, result being that H-D had a team that was always experimenting with the tips they got from the world famous English tuner. “They then worked with inlet-over-exhaust engines and with these engines, the spark plug in the pocket valve. They learned that it is best to have the spark plug as close to the piston as possible to have the most power, but then the temperature in the engine…

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more ethanol in petrol from september

CLASSIC RIDERS WILL need to pick their petrol carefully from September. E10 petrol containing up to 10% ethanol will become the standard fuel available at petrol stations across the UK. The increased volume of ethanol could cause issues for classic riders. Ethanol attracts water, causing tanks to rust internally and rot out glass fibre and distort plastic tanks, damaging seals and destroying fuel pipes. To reduce the risk of damage, riders can use a range of fuel additives or move to E5 ‘super’ blends (Super unleaded), which will remain available at many filling stations but are more expensive. Not all super type petrols are ethanol-free and some use extra ethanol to increase their octane and RON ratings, so pick your fuel carefully. Esso Synergy Supreme petrol is ethanol-free in most of England and…

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helping bsa riders go in the right direction

BRING YOUR BSA twin’s steering up to date with SRM’s steering head taper roller bearing kit. It includes the upper and lower bearing sets and is a direct replacement for the original ball bearings, cups and cones. The taper roller bearings are specifically designed to locate and support the steering head and front-end weight. They give a light, positive feel to your steering and will improve the general handling. If kept adjusted and well lubricated, they will last for years SRM say that one customer did 250,000 miles on a set of SRM taper roller bearings before he had to replace them. The set fits swinging arm, plunger and rigid models including A7, A10, B31, B33, Gold Star, M21, A50, and A65 models up to 1970. The set costs £49.22. Visit…