Classic Bike Guide July 2021

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start your engines!

GREETINGS! MAY WE ALL BE BASKING IN the glorious sun and embracing all things old, smelly, oily and two-wheeled. As I scramble some words together for this preamble, our resident Scout master, Mr Alexander Boris de Pfeffel of Johnson, has had to make the tough choice of whether to let us great unwashed roam free or to continue restrictions to rid us of this dreadful virus – and he has chosen the later. This will affect shows, gatherings and events, but I’m hearing that resilient folk are working around the problems and so, while different, we should be able to be out enjoying our gatherings very soon. Meanwhile, in the Motherland we know we’ve had a busy month when looking through the photographs on our phones (I use this function as…

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from our archive

In the chair From the start of the 20th century, the sidecar has proved its ability to help people go about their work. At Norfolk Motorcycle Museum, North Walsham, (, there is an inline four-cylinder Hudson and outfit, used to deliver house coal in the winter and telegraph poles in the summer around Norwich. Telegraph poles. They then proved themselves in the tragedies of the World Wars. During the 1950s the small commercial van came about and scale of economies made them more affordable. The Ford E93A, the British Leyland Mini, the Vauxhall Viva and the Ford Escort gave businesses, quite simply, a better solution to carrying stuff. But the world has changed again. And who knows, but with the emphasis being more on economy, on a smaller footprint and on character, maybe…

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50 years of the super glide 1971 h-d super glide boat tail

THE SUPER GLIDE, WHICH SAW THE LIGHT OF DAY as the FX in 1971, was the first design of the acclaimed Willie G. The type designation FX was a combination of the F designation of the Electra Glide FLH and the X of the Sportster line, such as the XL and the XLH; the Super Glide finally used the front end (the forks and 19in wheel) of the Sportster, and much more parts (frame, engine, transmission etc.) of the Electra Glide. It was H-D’s first factory custom to become the ancestor of many custom and chopper versions. The Boat tail rear fender was standard on the models in 1971, but already after one year it was replaced by a ‘normal’ fender. In 1973 the Super Glide got the characteristic petrol tank,…

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stafford show still on – but book ahead

STAFFORD CAN STILL go ahead! But you must get your ticket in advance. As we went to press, Boris Johnson just extended the final unlocking of England to July 19. But we’re told that the Stafford International Classic MotorCycle Show is able to take place as planned on July 3 and 4. The show’s organisers are working hard to ensure the event will be safe for all. Some limits on numbers will be in place, and those visiting will be required to comply with current safety regulations. Therefore, tickets must be bought in advance or by calling 01507 529529. Ticket numbers are limited for both Saturday and Sunday. No tickets will be available on the gate and those without advance tickets will not be admitted. We strongly suggest to keep an eye on further…

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diamond score for anchor

A BRITISH MANUFACTURER has developed the first and only self-install surface-mounted ground anchor to pass the Sold Secure Diamond Ground Anchor testing. Diamond rating is the highest Sold Secure offers. The testing includes the anchor resisting an attack with an angle grinder for five minutes, as well as a five-minute wrecking bar attack test. The Apex Pro anchor exceeds the maximum attack times of every level of the Sold Secure Rating. Following months of constant destruction testing and redesign, the manufacturers say the Apex Pro is the strongest and most resilient anchor that doesn’t require you to go to the great expense or incredible effort of digging a crater in your garage floor to fit it. The anchor is supplied complete with industrial-strength fixings and fits chains with links up to 25mm in…

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head to netley for a rummage

ONE OF THE UK’s biggest standalone motorcycle autojumbles, the Eurojumble, will be held on Friday, September 3 and Saturday, September 4. The Netley Eurojumble in Hampshire attracts thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts for two days of bikes, bargains and banter. This treasure trove has everything you need from spares to tools, signs, parts and complete machines. Based at Netley Marsh near Southampton, the Eurojumble will welcome hundreds of traders selling biking goodies and memorabilia which you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Those who have biking possessions in need of a new home or just need to make space in the garage for even more projects can book a garage clear-out plot on the Saturday for £20. Many old vehicle enthusiasts combine a trip to Netley with a visit to the Beaulieu Autojumble, held on the Saturday…