August 2021

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United Kingdom
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I don’t think we’ve ever looked forward to summer more than we have in 2021. What a joy it is to feel the sunshine on our skin and the sand between our toes. I hope you’ve been having some days out by the sea, in and out of the water, receiving both the physical and mental health benefits of spending time on our coast. In this issue we celebrate our glorious shoreline with an amazing collection of photographs, showing it’s not just in tropical climes where you find colourful marine wildlife. Turn to page 43 to discover what’s on your doorstep. We also have top tips for the perfect beach barbecue on page 52. I love the suggestion of digging your own dining area into the sand – if you create…

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the crew

KATY DAVIDSON A freelance writer, sustainability campaigner and wildling adventurer, Katy explores the world through travel, food and a passionate connection to nature. Her articles, published nationally and internationally, discover and share these passions with others, highlighting cultures, activities, people and places. Living close to the sea in Cornwall, she has a particular affinity for anything ocean-based. Writing about the sport of spearfishing, (page 52), she was inspired by how ‘spearos’ and ‘spearas’ become one with their underwater world as they fish in a truly sustainable way. SHEILA SIM A freelance writer/photographer, Sheila covers travel, culture, nature and gardens for national magazines and newspapers. Happy childhood holidays in East Lothian resulted in a lifelong love of that part of Scotland. As a keen walker, she appreciates the variety of routes along different parts…

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shoal patrol

Photographing shoals of bib (Trisopterus luscus) can be a challenge, as these striped fish are highly reflective and change direction constantly. One summer, photographer Matt Doggett was drifting through crystal clear waters over an area of huge boulders off the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. ‘The boulder-tops were covered with red seaweeds, sponges and antenna hydroids,’ says Matt. ‘Suddenly I was joined by this small shoal of bib, which swam alongside and just in front of me for several minutes. They bunched together nicely, allowing me to snap away as we floated along in the gentle current. It’s wonderful, relaxing dives like this that give you fond memories of diving around the British Isles and keep you coming back for more.’ Matt was inspired by the Marine Conservation Society’s Seasearch scheme,…

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FIND OF THE MONTH This gorgeous ‘You, Me and the Sea’ blanket is made in England from 75% recycled cotton and is perfect for breezy beach days (160 x 110cm, £80, atlanticblankets.com). A PIRATE’S LIFE Whether you’re pitched at the beach, in the garden or the forest, building a den is the stuff of magic. This pirate-themed den kit (£45) is perfect for swashbucklers who can use tools – including jute rope, steel tent pegs, a mallet and tarpaulin – to create their very own pirate hideaway (adult supervision advisable). Complete with an eye patch and pirate bunting, the kit comes in a durable, cotton-webbed haversack for easy smuggling port to port (thedenkitco.com). Eco-float As most outdoor swimmers will know, drybag tow floats are a crucial part of the experience, providing safety, visibility and a…

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catch of the day

1 THIS GIN Made with foraged Cornish botanicals, Daring Gin is a collaboration with Michel-instarred chef Paul Ainsworth aiming to mimic the smooth mouth-feel and zinc-like properties of Cornish oysters (£75/50cl, salcombegin.com). 2 THESE FLIP-FLOPS Eco-footprints don’t get better than Ocean Refresh. Each pair of its flip-flops is crafted from single-use plastic bottles from our coast and is 100% recyclable. Non-slip and water-resistant (£24.99, oceanrefresh.com). 3 THIS BASKET Throw your beach essentials into a raffia Bato Marine Bag from Hampshire-based BasketBasket. The Fairtrade baskets are hand woven in Africa using natural and sustainable materials (£48, basketbasket.co.uk). 4 THIS FAN Stay cool when temperatures start to soar with this stylish Fairtrade Bolga Zephyr fan. Made in Ghana from natural straw, it comes in a wide range of bold, uplifting patterns and colourways (£32, lolaandmawu.com). WHAT’S FLOATING YOUR BOAT? Let…

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cocktail of the month

Who Dares Wins Created by world-renowned chef Paul Ainsworth and his team of mixologists to celebrate innovative Daring gin, Who Dares Wins is a luxurious take on a Ramos Gin Fizz, combining classic flavours of fresh citrus, anise and coastal botanicals, with the rich, decadent and buttery notes of Daring. • 50ml Salcombe Gin Voyager Series Daring developed with Paul Ainsworth• 15ml lime juice•15ml yuzu juice• 25ml star anise syrup*• 25ml cloudy apple juice• 12.5ml buttermilk*• 12.5ml single cream*• 25ml egg white*• soda to top up• Apple blossom, to garnish Method (SERVES 1) 1. Chill a highball glass in the freezer. 2. Place all the ingredients except the soda into a Boston shaker and dry shake for 15 seconds. Add ice to the shaker and then shake vigorously for a further 15 seconds. 3. Strain the…