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Collezioni Haute CoutureCollezioni Haute Couture

Collezioni Haute Couture


Bilingual magazine Italian/English <br> <br> Designer collections from great creators on the catwalks of Paris and Rome. A complete overview of the finest, most exclusive fabrics, deluxe bridal wear and the most recherché accessories. 2 issues per year <br> Dalle passerelle di Parigi e Roma, le collezioni firmate dai grandi creatori di moda. Una panoramica completa sui tessuti più preziosi ed esclusivi, le spose di lusso e gli accessori più ricercati. 2 edizioni l’anno.

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dreams are wishes

On the catwalk in Paris during fashion week, five days full of frivolous commitments and not, is the dream and the aspiration of many, especially those who have a love for the atelier in their veins, things that are well-made, the extraordinary, the exquisite, interpreted each time according to your own personal cultural canons because this is a truly global world. Here is where creators with the most diverse experiences and the most diverse backgrounds come together, from Los Angeles to Athens, from Barcelona to Rome, from Beirut to Beijing, all sharing the idea of designing garments that can convey emotions. And it’s all about emotions. There are those, like Karl Lagerfeld, who look to the beloved eighteenth century and create new ladies-in-waiting, tight-fitting corsets and skirts with a triumph…

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collezioni haute couture

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a flower for you

No, absolutely not. Coco did not like all those frills that the women of her time utterly loved. Furbelows and feathers, skirts and peplums, ribbons and bows. No. She loved the essentials. Men’s clothing, especially English, since she foresaw its power and authority. It was a path to independence, a declaration of freedom. She borrowed tweeds, which she managed to slacken, and, last but not least, even a flower: the camellia. What dandies of the time wore in their buttonholes. Like Proust, who was very attentive to fashion. An ethereal flower, with neither a scent nor thorns, but rigorous in its form. Of oriental origins, almost an origami. White. A gender neutral flower. Coco’s life was nonconforming. And so were her choices. The camellia became an icon of the Maison,…

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tuscan flavour

In Pisa, in the heart of Tuscany, there is an enchanted place that combines a respect for nature with history and culture. The Villa Lena holiday farm. An ideal location for a unique wedding. Surrounded by 500 hectares of woods, vineyards, and olive groves, it is home to an artistic non-profit association that has just reopened with renewed spaces and with the inauguration of the “Casetta dell’Amore”, the first suite on two floors designed for honeymoon couples, with access to a wonderful private garden. The 19th-century Villa was built for the noble Italian family, Del Frate, and has been restored to preserve its original beauty. Tradition and the contemporary coexist in its aesthetics and in its furnishings, and the philosophy of eco-sustainability, which Villa Lena promotes, accentuates the past with…

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modern appeal

The Bartolotta & Martorana brand combines classicism with the latest generation of fabrics and craftsmanship in a techno couture that looks towards contemporaneity, while taking advantage of tradition. The founders, designers Simone Bartolotta and Salvatore Martorana, follow a creative path that leads them to conceive original pieces that combine romance and a modern touch. The maison’s new collection, “Bright dreams”, presents creations that recall a dreamlike atmosphere, where playful and harmonious nuances recall mysterious figures and the protagonists of fairy tales. The palette goes from blue to pink, and green to yellow, expressing sweetness and joy. Shiny appliqués and three-dimensional embroideries are embellishments, while silks are combined with technical fabrics, and softnesses with more rigid volumes. Il brand Bartolotta & Martorana unisce il classicismo a tessuti di ultima generazione e lavorazioni…

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trunks hold no secrets

Travellers’ Tales - Bags Unpacked, is a curious collection of tales by intrepid travelers written by Bertil Scali and illustrated by Pierre Le-Tan. Their baggage? Strictly Louis Vuitton. You’ll discover how the indomitable and voracious Ernest Hemingway once left the manuscript of his novel, “Festa mobile”, in a trunk he had forgotten, and that was lovingly guarded, at the Ritz for 26 years. He then rediscovered and enjoyed reading it again while sipping a good cocktail at a bar. The legendary Isadora Duncan, who was strangled by her scarf when it became tangled in the wheels of a Bugatti she was driving, filled her trunks with scandalously sheer Greek tunics, those that made her the famous avant-garde dancer she was. Instead, the quite shy Christian Dior vaunted two Vuitton trunks…