Creative Ideas

Creative Ideas


In this special edition we’ve put together ideas to beautify your home as well as giving ideas of what to do with the left over fabric and beautiful paper that was used on other projects. Whether it’s for an entire room or just your fabric remnants you can find inspiration here.

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(almost too good to eat)

CAKE BOX TO COLOUR Buy a rectangular, flat white cardboard box that you can fill with a variety of French bakes. Decorate it by enlarging the colouring-in design on the page alongside to the desired size and copying it onto white paper. Colour the illustration and cut it so it fits neatly on the lid of the box. Glue the illustration onto the lid with spray glue. Fill the box with macarons, meringues and other French treats. Tie it closed with a ribbon. COFFEE CUPS WiTH JACKETS Make a set of decorated takeaway cups for a coffee-loving friend. Buy paper cups with lids and cut ‘jackets’ for them from the lovely paper in this magazine. You can also use the ‘blood type’ design on page 30. First copy the paper then draft a…

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cardboard cactus

YOU WiLL NEED * decorative tins * cactus templates on pages 80-81 * mounting board * green craft paint and paintbrush * coloured paper for the flowers * glue gun * masking tape * craft knife and cutting mat * metal ruler…

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YOU WiLL NEED * clock templates on pages 82-83 * white medium-weight cardboard * matching baker’s twine, ribbon and cord * short paper brad * sponge double-sided-tape blocks * double-sided adhesive tape * glue gun * small, sharp scissors * craft knife, cutting mat and metal ruler…