Cruising World The Charter Issue 2020

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high time for an adventure

“I don’t recall just what we did when we got to Bequia. But to this day, I can’t forget the sail there and my first taste of the full-on trade winds.” What’s a little spray when you’re barreling along on a sunny day on a sporty cat? During a season when taking an exotic sailing vacation adventure was nigh on impossible, I of course got to thinking about chartering and one of the best sails I can remember: a closehauled bash from the Baths up to North Sound in the British Virgin Islands. My youngest daughter was a senior in high school, and a work assignment had sent me to Tortola to check out a Melvin and Morelli-designed Sunsail 384, the sistership to the Leopard 38, which had just been named a…

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off the beaten path

There is nothing quite like discovering a new place, which is easy to do when you’re cruising on your own boat and have plenty of time. But what about when you’re on a weeklong or 10-day charter? A little insider knowledge could go a long way. We reached out to longtime cruisers and charter captains in some of the most popular vacation-sailing destinations to find out what they consider to be the must-see—but often overlooked—spots. So whether you’re in the dreaming stages or actively planning your getaway, take a look at these hidden attractions in the British Virgin Islands, Greece and Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. —Jennifer Brett…

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passage notes

Charter 101 Are you eager to go on a sailing vacation but don’t know where to start? Check out CW’s online guide to chartering where you’ll find information about where to go and when, what qualifications you need, what options are available, and even what to pack. Visit for all the info Caribbean Update With the islands of the Caribbean slowly opening up to tourism again after COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s important to know the most up-to-date information and travel restrictions before booking your charter vacation. Two great resources to check are virus and Take the Kids! Planning to take a sailing charter with pint-size crew? Go for it! CW contributor and sailing mom Brianna Randall shares her insight on cruising with kids: “Children make sailing adventures more complicated. Yet once we’re out…

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bvi’s top 10 gems

Dramatic underwater rock formations. Hideouts of schooling juvenile sergeant majors no bigger than a baby’s fingernail. Stretches of beach with sand as fine as powder. Anchorages without other boats and, better yet, no cellphone service. Hermit crab races. Heart-thumping trail hikes to panoramic views. Honeybee rum cocktails. Conch ceviche. § Secret? Special? Sailing west to east, reaching into the trade winds, these unforgettable attractions of the British Virgin Islands exude the timeless beauty of a magical destination sailors would be crazy not to love. § However you label the diverse ingredients of a charter-sailing vacation, one thing is true: Anchorages, beaches, not-to-miss moments and delectable tastes are always new when seen through the eyes of another person. § In that spirit, we canvassed captains and charter-company experts for their favorite…

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off the beaten track: greece

Kleftikos, Milos (Southern Cyclades) On the southwest tip of Milos lies a geological wonder that few outside Greece know about. Kleftikos—which means “thief” in Greek—derives its name from its history as a hideout for ancient pirates. Its pinnacles of bright-white volcanic rock, with tinges of pink and green, tower above small coves and calm pools of bright, clear turquoise sea that has carved out swimmable caves, arches, small sandy beaches and other natural hidey holes (that were evidently perfect for concealing both small ships and booty). Today it’s a snorkelers’ and photographers’ paradise. It’s the Baths of Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands, on steroids. It’s magnificent. Bring a waterproof camera! If Milos is on your charter itinerary, do your best to include this magical place as a brief stop. If…

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when in the sea of cortez

Bucket-List Wildlife Encounters Wildlife experiences can’t be scripted, but location, seasonality and sometimes a guide enable a special few to be virtually assured in the Sea of Cortez. Whale sharks: Swim with the largest fish in the world in the fall, when they gather to troll for plankton in the waters of La Paz’s shallow bay. Dolphins: Multiple species inhabit the sea, and passing pods are a daily occurrence. It’s possible to see mega-pods of a thousand stretching across the horizon. California sea lions: Swim with these comic tricksters at Los Islotes, a daysail from La Paz. Near Loreto, there is another sea lion colony that camps on the east side of Isla Coronado. Blue-footed boobies: The turquoise-toed birds are famously photographed in the Galapagos but can also be seen perched on Isla Partida or…