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a curious circle

“I crossed the Atlantic on a small boat, did it solo, the self-steering system—I was really happy with how it worked.” Among the legions of young sailors who took to heart Lin and Larry Pardey’s advice to “Go simple, go small, go now!” was Alan Mulholland, an Ireland-born lad who in the early 1960s emigrated with his parents to Edmonton, Canada. Though he grew up miles from the nearest salt water, his parents enrolled him in sea camp, and he attended the Royal Military College of Canada, where he was commissioned as an officer in the Canadian Navy. After his eight-year stint, he retrained as a carpenter, in part, he says, to learn the skills needed to build a boat. And build a boat he did. It was a steel 26-footer, and…

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waterfalls and glaciers

The currents were running fast. The bow was pointing 45 degrees northwest of my actual course, which was through a narrow pass between the shore and a nav buoy marking an underwater ridge, the moraine of Baird Glacier. The glacier had retreated a long way since forming that moraine, several miles up the bay to where it ends a few yards from the tide line. Yet it still makes itself felt. As soon as our cutter, Celeste, raced past the buoy, the color of the water changed. The division was as stark as the Gulf Stream and the Gulf of Maine: a sharp line between the dark blue of the outside channel and the milky green of the bay’s glacial meltwater. We’d just entered Thomas Bay in Southeast Alaska, a large…

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a giant felled: two-time circumnavigator larry pardey (1939-2020)

Larry Pardey had a lifelong motto, which he intoned time and time again, and just for extra measure, demonstrated on a regular basis: “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.” Nope, Pardey never took the straightforward, uncomplicated path. He had his reasons, and they were basic. The harder it was to, for instance, build something, or sail somewhere, the more delicious, delightful and enjoyable the reward. The cruising world lost yet another major presence and contributor this past summer when Pardey, a two-time circumnavigator, master boatbuilder, prolific author and all-around good guy passed away in New Zealand after a long series of illnesses. He was 81. With his wife, sailing partner and longtime co-author, Lin (the couple penned nearly a dozen books, along with countless magazine articles and a long…

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ciguatera—an invisible threat

I floated above a rainbow-colored coral bommie in our Bahamian anchorage, watching as my husband, Rob, stalked the reef 10 feet below. Thunk. The muffled impact of metal sinking into flesh reverberated through the sea, sending alarmed fish scattering in a dozen directions. My husband kicked to the surface, a zebra-striped lionfish impaled on his spear tip. “Fish tacos for lunch, anyone?” Our son cheered from the dinghy, then handed his dad a pair of scissors. While lionfish are delicious, you have to cut the toxic spines off their pectoral fins before you can toss it on the grill. Like many cruisers, we believe that eating fresh seafood goes hand in hand with sailing. We pride ourselves on harvesting dinner while trolling between islands or when snorkeling at anchor. When our luck…

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sundowner upgrades

1. PROUD GRILL CONNECT-IT BBQ TOOL SET • $40 • PROUDGRILL.COM As we know, space is at a premium on most cruising boats, so it’s a bonus if items can pull double-duty. This set comes with a stainlesssteel spatula and fork that can be used individually, or put them together with the strong magnetic handles to create tongs or a serving tool. The smooth surfaces clean easily, and the tools are easy to store. 2. TOADFISH NONTIPPING CAN COOLER • $24 • TOADFISHOUTFITTERS.COM No one likes a spilled drink. As long as you put your drink down on a smooth surface, this clever koozie will keep it upright using the company’s SmartGrip technology. To take a sip, simply lift the koozie straight up to break the suction. The double-wall stainless construction will keep your bevvie nice…

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coming soon: the sailing museum

The Sailing Museum, which will be home to the National Sailing Hall of Fame and the America’s Cup Hall of Fame, will open at its new home in Newport, Rhode Island, in 2022. The museum will be located downtown in the historic armory building. The structure was originally built in 1894 and became famous during the America’s Cup years between 1958 and 1983 as the headquarters for national and international media. The current plan is to open the facility to the public in May 2022 following an exhaustive renovation and the creation of an innovative series of interactive displays for schoolchildren. The exhibits will give the opportunity for visitors to solve problems using science, technology, engineering, art and math. The mission of the National Sailing Hall of Fame is to honor…