Cruising World November/December 2020

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gone sailing

German sailors Annemarie Auer and Volker Frank, aboard their CNB 66 yacht, Escape, have a near-perfect strategy for sailing through these uncertain COVID-19 times: They have no plan. OK, they can tell you where they’ll be next week, and they will explain how they expect to get there and where they might be on to next. But the big picture? They want to see the world. That’s it. Their timeline is open-ended. And as for destinations, they’re keeping an open mind about that too. I met the couple on a sunny, warm early-October morning in Annapolis, Maryland, where we were taking a lay day from our Boat of the Year sea-trial duties. Escape’s carbon mast was by far the tallest stick in the marina, tucked just inside the bridge at Spa Creek.…

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clean across the atlantic

This year we sailed from the Mediterranean to the Canary Islands, down the West African coast to Cabo Verde, then right across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean—over 4,000 nautical miles, and while underway, not once did we run our engine or generator for power or propulsion. For a whole month of sailing, we were driven entirely by the wind, sun and sea. Compliments of Mother Nature, our B&G autopilot, sailing instruments, chart plotter, VHF, AIS, satellite phone, fridge/freezer compressor, lights and entertainment all ran on clean, natural, renewable energy. We even operated our Spectra Ventura 12-volt watermaker every three to five days when the sun was high, and had enough juice to run our Mastervolt inverter to charge our electric toothbrushes. In fact, we regularly had more incoming power than…

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panama posse

Attention southbound sailors! If you’re looking for a little camaraderie this winter while still cruising in your own social bubble, check out the Panama Posse 20-21 Rally. It’s not your typical rally because you can join anytime between November 20 to June 21, or anywhere along the way from California to the Caribbean and Florida Keys. Benefits include savings from more than 30 marinas, live group chats and calls to cover weather, safety, logistics, seminars, and even a dedicated Panama Canal agent. More than 500 anchorages along the way are vetted and updated by participants and shared via a live cruising guide. Registration is $150 per boat. For more information or to sign up, visit Talking Trash It’s a constant issue for cruisers: what to do with your trash. After more than a…

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you tell ’em fatty

Cap’n Fatty Goodlander’s sobering article “Pondering a Pandemic” (August/September 2020) was a gentle gut punch (Fatty-style) about how he and Carolyn, and frankly most of us, are dealing with our existence on what he calls our beloved Mother Ocean. Fatty’s articles are always served up with insight, humor and humility, and this month was no different, although it was a stark reminder of the pandemic’s impacts, our future, and the importance of connectedness with loved ones, friends and even strangers. The Goodlanders’ lives, floating on a mooring in safety but uncertainty, is a departure from reading about their next exotic destination. As an American kid in Singapore, I learned to sail on a Sabot “borrowed” not far from the Changi Sailing Club harbor that the Goodlanders now call home. I…

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gifts for sailors

1. VOORMI RIVER RUN HOODIE • $129 • VOORMI.COM After field-testing this versatile sun shirt over the summer, the River Run hoodie has earned a permanent place in our sea bag. The extremely lightweight, full-cover Merino wool hoodie keeps the sun and sweat away during the daylight hours, and is a handsome, good-looking layer to toss over a T-shirt when the temps drop after sunset. 2. ECOXGEAR ECOPEBBLE LITE • $40 ECOXGEAR.COM Big tunes come in a tiny package. The Ecopebble Lite Bluetooth speaker is only 3 inches square by 1.5 inches deep and weighs just 3.2 ounces. Secure the attached bungee in the cockpit while out for a sail or clip it to your backpack while on a hike, and take your music anywhere. The speaker is waterproof to 3 feet and has a…

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living the hard life, the easy way

I was waiting for my husband, Steve, to fly back to the Philippines, where I was overseeing a few boat projects. All that was left was to tidy up some details and slap on a few coats of antifouling. We were a couple of weeks away from relaunching Kate, our Newport 41, when something very unexpected happened. The world went into lockdown in an attempt to control a pandemic. With international flights grounded, land transportation stopped and all marine traffic prohibited, I suddenly found myself stranded in a foreign country. Not only that, I was high and dry and all alone in a boatyard. No husband, no other cruisers, and only a skeleton staff charged with keeping an eye on things at the yard. I will admit that the first few weeks…