Cruising World November/December 2021

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chasing summer

As far as September sailing in New England goes, this year’s Great Chase Race through the Boston Harbor Islands the second Saturday of the month was a blue-ribbon event—a real gem of a day to tuck away for when wind and snow swirl through the rigging of sailboats on the hard here in New England. Those who do their sailing in Northern waters know that any late-in-the-season escape is one to hold onto, but on this particular Saturday, conditions were near perfect despite forecasts of a dying northwesterly and a slow-to-build southerly that threatened to turn the race into a drifter. Instead, aboard the Sabre 36 Summerin, with owners and old pals Anne and Jody Graul, we were treated to a puffy westerly that hung in there at 10 to 12…

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iconic summer sails

Few optics are finer than pulling into a quiet New England harbor before a classic-yacht race and beholding myriad gorgeous yachts, their lovely sheer lines and gleaming brightwork set against a backdrop of hardwood trees in full summer trim. The tradition of racing classic yachts remains strong in New England, and recently has been bolstered by the Classic Yacht Owners Association and its Classic Yacht Challenge Series, which this summer drew dozens of iconic participants and delivered great racing on some of the country’s most storied waters. § The Classic Yacht Owners Association was founded in 2015, with the aim of bolstering camaraderie among classic-yacht owners. One of the most important ways they’ve accomplished this was by joining existing New England classic-yacht regattas into a greater tri-regional circuit that includes…

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totally kaya

Sailing an older boat takes a lot of elbow grease, patience and care. This year, we wanted to recognize boat owners for the many hours that go into maintaining an older boat. We teamed up with TotalBoat, a marine-supplies company based in Bristol, Rhode Island, and threw down a simple social challenge: Send us a photo of your boat at her best. The winner stood to receive a TotalBoat bucket load of DIY supplies. After a tight race from the fleet, line honors went to Kaya, the 1965 Columbia 31 designed by Charlie Morgan. Owner Eben Horten, of Wakefield, Rhode Island, said, “Kaya’s been around the block a few times, and even a few more, but she’s still looking good!” Horten, a glass artist, is known in New England for…

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armchair recollections

Your reminiscences about the Armchair Sailor (“Time to Go,” Editor’s Log, August) brought back a fond but bittersweet memory for me. I sailed around the world with my family on the installment plan, leaving the boat and returning home each fall for a few months. Before returning to our travels, we would go to the Armchair Sailor to stock up on charts, chips and cruising guides for the next leg. One January day, we found ourselves in the store—a quiet refuge on a cold, snowy day. There we were, midway through a circumnavigation, with our boat in Australia. There was an older couple also partway through a circumnavigation, with their boat in Turkey. There was a single man who had just finished his second circumnavigation, this one around the five…

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cruisin’ with a cat

The profession of ship’s cat is as old as seafaring itself, with a long history of cats on board not just as companions, but also to help protect crew and cargo from any unwanted pests. Our cat, Leeloo, moved aboard when she was 8 years old and cruised with us for 10 years. At first, we worried about how a cat would tackle long passages, and what to expect when dealing with foreign officials, but cruising with Leeloo turned out to be easier than expected. Although she spent her first few days down below deck, Leeloo’s curiosity eventually propelled her into the cockpit, and it was (mostly) smooth sailing from there. We’ve been asked a lot of questions about having a cat on board. Each cat is different; each crew…

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in “mocean” against ocean pollution

Plastic pollution in the ocean is an undeniable and often overwhelming problem that sailors face wherever they go. Many of us have cleaned beaches and pulled floating plastic debris from the water. But what can sailors do with the plastics to ensure that they don’t end up back in the tide? If you are Nike Steiger and Maria LaPointe, you start In Mocean, an organization focused on raising global awareness about plastic pollution and dedicated to empowering the rural coastal communities affected most. Sailors Nike and Maria were stranded on board their vessels, Karl and Joana, in Panama’s Guna Yala archipelago (formerly the San Blas), east of the Panama Canal, during the early days of the pandemic. Unhappy with the plastics they were amassing from the coastlines, they searched for a…