Die Cast X

Die Cast X

Spring 2021

Die Cast X has quickly risen to the top of the market space and is now the best-selling diecast-themed magazine on the market, domestically and internationally. We are the longest-running publication in North America dedicated to diecast, and we cover the broadest range of products, supplemented by rich features on collectibles culture and the men and machines upon which it is built, profiles of industry luminaries, and on-the-scene reporting of diecast-related events.

United States
Air Age Media
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keep on truckin’

Full disclosure: for me, big trucks are a bit like the elephant in the room that everyone seems to overlook. They’re a huge part of the diecast collectibles world, but for whatever reason, I will sometimes go for a considerable time without really noticing or thinking about them. Then, inevitably, an announcement about some striking new truck release will come across my desk, refocusing my attention not just on that one model but on all the others in the category and I am reminded—for probably the hundredth time—how vast and interesting the diecast truck market is. That scenario played itself out in the run-up to this issue, with a twist. In addition to a couple exciting truck releases, it seemed like there were a few manufacturers releasing race transporters and…

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british heitage squared. and rounded!

Kyosho Rolls-Royce Ghost and Jaguar E-Type 1:18 | $220-$280 (est) The Rolls-Royce Ghost was named in honor of the Silver Ghost, the 1906 demo car that put Rolls-Royce on the map and has since become widely accepted as the most valuable automobile in the world. Ironically, the modern Ghost was launched in 2009 as the company’s entry-level model (if any Rolls could ever be thought of as such!) But it is marginally smaller, less expensive, and more dynamically-oriented than other contemporary Rolls models. It’s no lightweight at 5500 pounds, but its 562hp twin-turbo V12 makes it a surprisingly capable performer. Kyosho is releasing the Series I short-wheelbase Ghost in at least seven color combinations later this spring. As one of its premium 1:18 models, expect six opening panels and exquisite interior detail…

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droptop muscle cruiser

Auto World 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 Convertible 1:18 | $100 Chevrolet launched the Chevelle in 1964 as its entry into the intermediate category, headlined by the 2-door hardtop and convertible models with the Super Sport package. The Chevelle SS got a big block option in late 1965 to compete with its divisional rival the Pontiac GTO, and a stylish redesign for 1966-67 gave the SS 396 the sporty looks to match its power. Auto World’s new ‘67 SS396 ragtop is part of its Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals series and replicates an actual car featured at the show in precise detail, down to its Madiera Maroon paint, big block engine, manual transmission, and Rally wheels. It’s available now at Auto World’s online store or from your favorite dealer. Autoworldstore.com…

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a timeless classic—and a classic to be?

GT Spirit 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL and Chevrolet Corvette C8 Cabriolet 1:12 (1:18 for C8) | $300 ($140 for C8) The “Gullwing” W198 Mercedes 300 SL is one of those vehicles that seemed to capture the perfect aesthetic balance. Like a 250 GTO Ferrari or a Jag E-Type, the shape seems less a feat of engineering than a distillation of the platonic ideal for a sports coupe. And yet it is also an engineering marvel; it was the fastest production car in the world at the time, and the workmanship has kept an amazing number of them roadworthy even now, nearly 70 years later. Its fluid beauty is the perfect subject for GT Spirit to tackle in 1:12 scale, bathed in Dolphin Blue. It is too much to expect that the new…

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turbocharged sport-wagons with european dna

DNA Collectibles Saab 9-5 Sportcombi Aero and Audi RS3 Sportback 1:18 | $155ea In many ways, late-model sport-wagons and hot-hatches have become the new muscle cars of the millennial generation. The slick styling of many of these cars has changed the boring stereotypes associated with wagons and hatchbacks, while their nimble handling and potent turbocharged engines give them enough performance to surprise owners of many traditional “fast” cars. DNA Collectibles knows it, and they have announced a pair of cars with five doors and plenty of guts. First is the 2005 Saab 9-5 Sportcombi with the Swedish aerospace firm’s facelifted Aero styling, and a 260hp 2.3L Turbo engine makes sure it takes advantage of those advanced aerodynamics! From Audi comes the ultimate hot hatch—the RS3. Ingolstadt’s signature Quattro all-wheel-drive system is needed…

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magnificent motor coaches

Iconic Replicas Bus Fleet 1:43 to 1:87 | Prices vary Iconic Replicas continues to be the industry standard for scale diecast buses and motor coaches; their selection and commitment to authenticity is the main reason why. They have nearly 50 replicas of buses past and present from all around the country utilizing more than a dozen different castings, and more are being added all the time. The latest releases announced include four models using three different castings in two different scales. In 1:87 they have a pair of Motor Coach Industries (MCI) MC-9 Crusaders, one in bright pink for Allstate Charters, and the other a Greyhound Lines motorcoach with a Dallas destination placard. Both feature all-metal construction, rubber tires, and meticulous pad-printed graphics. In larger 1:43 scale they’ve announced a GM TDH-5301…