DOT Magazine

Volume 24 / Family

Aimed at preschoolers, DOT carries stories and games all aimed to foster imagination, creativity and fun in children aged 5 and under. DOT is published quarterly and explores themes such as Birds, Jokes, Numbers, Sounds or Opposites. Unlike magazines of today, DOT is not a throw away title. Just like much loved children’s magazines and annuals of the past it is designed to be collected, kept, handed down and revisited.

United Kingdom
Oksar Ltd
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hello. my name is dot. this is my happy pal pat.

The following day and night creatures made this issue: Cathy Olmedillas, Anna Dunn, Ben Javens, Julia Staite, Mia Anderson, Gaston Caba, Mika Ohmori, Kim Drane, Karolina Ivanoska and Eritobi Akintoye. DOT is available to buy online from If you’d like to send a drawing or letter to DOT, please do so at: 3rd Floor 86-90 Paul Street London EC2A 4NE Or email it to DOT is published four times a year by Studio Anorak. Reproduction of material is strictly prohibited without prior permission. © Oksar Ltd. 2021 All rights reserved.…

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a day in the life of dana the raindrop

Hello, I am Dana, Dana the Raindrop. I was born high up in the sky a few rain-years ago. I live in a comfortable cloud, which I have named Cecil, with plenty of other friendly drops. Cecil and I have travelled from far, high up in the sky. We are now looking over the countryside in search of a nice place to visit. That farm down there seems like a good place to drop in. Cecil says he is in no hurry. So we wait and glide a little more in the sky. Cecil has picked a good spot. A city filled with people, cats and gardens with laundry out to dry. Cecil coughs. That’s our sign! Down we drop, weeeeeee!…

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let's jiggle

eagle jiggling Arms straight out to your sides, flap them 10 times, up and down, up and down. tiger jiggling Take a big step forward with one of your legs in a lunge. Count to 5. Repeat with the other leg. Do it 10 times altogether. Well done, you have completed your first jiggling session! Time for a rest. frag jiggling Jump 10 times on the spot, first on your left leg, then on your right. flamingo jiggling Bend your knees and stick your bum out. Now hop around in that position 5 times. duck jiggling Close your hands in a fist, bend your arms so that your hands are by your chest. Flap up and down 10 times.…

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let's laugh

What do you call a clever glow-worm? A bright spark. Why do bananas wear sunscreen? Because they peel easily. What is a bat’s favourite sport? Aerobatics. What is the Moon’s favourite dress? A nightdress. What animal goes to bed with its shoes on? A horse! Did you hear about the wolf’s all-night party? It was a howling success! Why did the Moon burp? Because it was full. What is the best day to go to the beach? Sunday. Why did Dracula’s mother give him cough medicine? Because he was having a coffin fit. Where do fish sleep? On a river bed.…

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let's eat…corn!

Corn grows on a tall plant, which carries 1 or 2 cobs. Corn is made of little yellow seeds known as kernels. All the kernels live packed on the cob, which is the flower of the plant. Corn is eaten in many different ways: steamed or grilled on and off the cob, ground to make flour, heated to make popcorn and baked to make cereal. Corn comes from Mexico, where it has been grown and eaten for tens of thousands of years. The green leaves that go around the cob are called husks. Popcorn was eaten over 5,000 years ago in South America. The only bits that are tasty to eat are the kernels. Corn is used to make glue, chewing gum, toothpaste, medicine, paper, batteries and even crayons! Corn also comes in blue, purple, orange and white.…

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let's cook…yellow fritters

You will need: 30g plain flour1 teaspoon baking powder1 egg1 small glass of milk1 tin of sweetcorn (200g)1 teaspoon of oil or butter These scrumptious yellow fritters are now ready to eat! Yummy.…