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Dreamscapes Travel and Lifestyle Magazine is a general interest travel and lifestyle magazine with editorial stories and features on travel destinations in the USA, Canada and around the world.

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winner of a cruise to iceland and greenland

COMPLIMENTS OF ADVENTURE CANADA I was very excited to be the lucky winner of Dreamscapes Travel & Lifestyle Magazine’s contest to sail with Adventure Canada from Iceland to Greenland this past summer. My outdoor-loving 27-year-old daughter was thrilled to join me on this adventure cruise. The ship’s crew treated all the passengers with utmost care and attention. The Adventure Canada team made every minute aboard and ashore a pleasure! All of the excursions were so well-planned and executed. Some of the memories of the trip-of-a-lifetime include: the first sight of the coast of Greenland from the deck of the Ocean Endeavour; gliding past massive icebergs in Prince Christian Sound; kayaking up to the face of an ancient glacier as it slides into the sea; cycling among the multicoloured buildings in the…

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dreamscapes travel & lifestyle magazine

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take off to hot hyderabad

This capital city of the southern state of Telangana offers exotica-seeking travellers a manageable, stress-free experience of India, where food, culture and original treasures come together as shining gems in a country fuelled by extreme contrasts. I had left behind the whirring din of Delhi’s cacophony, where I had luxuriated in splendour at the palatial ITC Grand Bharat Gurgaon, fit for the wellness and golf gods, to seek out rich urban pleasures in one of India’s fastest evolving cities: Hyderabad. It wasn’t easy. Despite the fine amenities at my regal retreat located outside New Delhi’s southwestern border, the otherworldly experiences of India called out to me. I was off to encounter a fabled city, dubbed Hyberabad for its profusion of tech heavyweights. Google, Amazon and Facebook have headquarters in this city, which…

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artsy laguna beach

An hour’s drive down the Coast Highway (a.k.a. Highway 1), I could feel my heart rate slow down, the sky seemed clearer and bluer and the pace of, well, everything felt healthier. Pint-sized Laguna Beach (population hovers around 25,000, compared to four million of the behemoth to the north) includes 89 square kilometres of protected wilderness and 11 kilometres of prime west coast oceanfront, riddled with 30 picturesque coves and beaches. When the Big City started to rattle my brain, Laguna Beach was just what the doctor ordered. Rattled brains or not, in the early years, Laguna Beach was a magnet for amateur artists and weekend painters who came to capture scenes of its coastal beauty. It didn’t take long for the town to gain a reputation as a plein air…

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dark sky parks and preserves

Where city lights glow, stars have almost disappeared from view. However, in many rural areas across the United States, it’s still possible to find observatories and stargazing opportunities to embrace the night-sky experience. In Vermont, one of the best spots for stargazing is New Discovery State Park in the Groton State Forest. The park has seven remote campsites for the ultimate dark-sky experience. For a guided night-sky adventure, check out the hosted astronomy events at Elmore State Park and Button Bay State Park. Starry heavens can also be viewed in all their celestial glory with only minimal intrusion of artificial light at several remote Texas parks. In the southwestern part of the state, Big Bend National Park—the largest International Dark Sky Park to date—has been awarded Gold Tier designation by the…

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cruise the aegean sea

Our cruise with Celestyal Cruises certainly fit the bill. The on-board services and meals offered by an international crew were outstanding. DELOS I was sitting in the theatre at the Delos island UNESCO site just a few miles from the neighbouring island of Mykonos, a centre for jetsetters from around the world. The contrast could not have been greater. The theatre, which could sit an estimated 5,500, sat empty, and this sacred island had only snakes and rats as inhabitants. At its height, Delos had a population of 30,000 in the early centuries BC and was considered the Manhattan of Antiquity. How so? First, as a sacred site of Greek mythology and then, as a tax-free international port, Delos attracted attention from around Asia, Europe and Africa. It was truly a multicultural and multi-denominational…