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Dreamscapes Travel & Lifestyle Magazine Winter 2018/2019

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from my travel bag

editor@dreamscapes.ca As we wrap up 2018, many of us, I’m sure, are wondering, “Where did the year go?” I know I am. If you’re like me, your time is probably spent chasing deadlines and trying to keep ahead of hectic schedules that distract us from taking care of ourselves or from pursuing personal interests. Remember when Sundays were a mandated day of rest? The internet didn’t exist and nothing was open. So, regardless of our faith, we were literally forced to spend one day a week relaxing on our own or with friends or loved ones. We even planned for it! Today, our “day of rest” is just another day of the week. When did doing nothing guiltfree become a luxury? When was the last time you planned a restful day? This frenzied…

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a city on a mission

This is just one of many art installations along an eight-kilometre stretch of San Antonio’s famous River Walk. In fact, San Antonio is a city made for walking, and what better way to explore it than along this beautiful, cypress-shaded pathway. It meanders alongside the river one storey below street level. Downtown, the River Walk is lined with restaurants, shops and hotels. However, unexpected gems pop up along its entire length. PEARL DISCOVERIES A huge bronze statue of a cowboy wrangling Texas longhorns catches my eye. It leads me to the Briscoe Western Art Museum, where historical artifacts and striking art celebrate the history of the American West. It’s one of my happiest finds. Near the northern end of the River Walk is another delightful discovery—San Antonio’s newest foodie destination. The old Pearl…

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naturally charming barbados

My earliest memories of Barbados are mainly of colours and sounds. The fuchsia ripple of bougainvillea cascading over a stone wall. The yellow-breasted bananaquits that fly into open-air restaurants and alight, bright-eyed, on the edges of unattended sugar bowls. The urgent chirps of tree frogs at night and the soft cooing of mourning doves at dawn. The murmur of surf. It was the first Caribbean island I ever visited, on a family trip in the mid-1970s, and it has shaped my lifelong image of the region. Not surprisingly, Barbados has changed in the intervening decades. The laid-back west coast resort where my family once stayed is now the opulent Fairmont Royal Pavilion. I can’t quantify it, but the traffic seems heavier—perhaps because this was the first time I drove instead of hopping…

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join the celebrations

What better way to start the year than with a look at 2019’s calendar of special events and anniversaries? There are parties and galas as well as the buzz and action of caravans and festivals. Whether it’s the focus of vacation time or a pleasant bonus to other plans, there’s no shortage of ways to join a celebration. Across the U.S., Corvette enthusiasts can join the 2019 Corvette Caravan. In late August, Corvette enthusiasts will gather around the country to form road trip caravans of the classic cars to Bowling Green, Kentucky, to celebrate the 25 anniversary of the National Corvette Museum. In Arizona and New Mexico, the caravan will travel along some of the most scenic stretches of the two states. corvettecaravan.com/az-nm July 20 marks the 50 anniversary of man’s first…

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a louisiana sweet spot

Just 40 minutes from New Orleans, St. Tammany is known for its slower pace, savoury local cuisine, unique natural surroundings and music that “puts” your feet to dancin’. Home to charming, historical villages and a distinct, enchanting Louisiana culture, this sweet, memorable haven is a very special place for a perfect getaway. Mother Nature has blessed this area with silent, stunning, natural beauty found in swamps filled with gnarly, ancient trees and lush green flora. Hugging the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, it’s a recreational playground, bisected by boardwalks, hiking trails and waterways ideal for kayaking, canoeing or paddleboarding. Two waterfront parks—Fontainebleau in Mandeville and Fairview-Riverside in Madisonville—attract campers and water enthusiasts. St. Tammany Parish boasts quaint B&Bs and elegant and affordable boutique hotels. Family-run restaurants have been operating here for generations, and…

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visit louisiana for your listening pleasure

Hans Christian Andersen once said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” If he was right, then the state of Louisiana truly has the capacity to shout! I brought two vivid memories back home after a visit this past June. In New Iberia, we listened to a trio of Cajun musicians at Clementine on Main. The lively foot-tapping sounds reminded me of growing up in southwestern Nova Scotia where the French Acadian music is so eerily similar. Later in the week, we were in New Orleans and decided to learn how to prepare Creole cuisine at a cooking school. Our attempts were tasty, but even more delicious later that evening was listening to the sultry sounds of The Nayo Jones Experience at The Jazz Playhouse in the French Quarter. You can also hear Zydeco (originally…