duPont REGISTRY October 2018

A Buyers Gallery of Fine Automobiles is created for owners, buyers and traders of exotic and high-performance automobiles. duPont REGISTRY provides affluent subscribers a panoramic display of lavish and luxury automobiles for sale, along with a broad selection of additional products of interest such as high-end and exotic automotive accessories, watches, collectibles and much more.

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from the publisher

Dear Reader No matter how you cut it, 400 is a BIG number. Four hundred issues of the duPont REGISTRY A Buyers Gallery of Fine Automobiles®. WOW! We would not have achieved this milestone without the two most important ingredients of a successful business: 1) Customers—that’s you, our loyal readers and advertisers, and 2) Employees—our team of highly motivated, dedicated workers that represent us daily in this fast-moving world of “media entrepreneurship”. You need not go another word further without knowing the gratitude that this Publisher Emeritus has for you and these folks here at duPont REGISTRY™ headquarters. Here are some more interesting facts about this issue. As you know, watches are as collectible as cars – they just take up less space! This is our 12th annual Watch Guide. It is a…

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technology revolutionizing the private jet world

When it comes to private flying, the options, hours and programs can be quite overwhelming. But now, our friends at ONEflight have created a proprietary service that brings order to the chaos. Saving you time and money was their goal, and it took many late nights and weekends of development to create "BAJ". An acronym for Book A Jet, this program is poised to revolutionize the world of private aviation. It incorporates real-time FAA data, GPS, and a network of 500 charter operators to instantly search over 4,000 jets. Answer a few questions and BAJ returns a list of available aircraft. This transforms the booking process from hours to minutes, and your results can be sorted by the aircraft age and amenities of your choosing for each available jet. This quick…

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in a class of their own

Rejoice, collectors. Your treasures and beloved possessions can finally start pouring into CollectionSuites. The uniquely designed luxury project located in the city of Doral, Florida, has been fully completed and is ready for occupancy. Regarded as the ultimate collector’s oasis, CollectionSuites boasts a stunning variety of high-tech features, wide-ranging security options, and premium amenities and services. Certainly, this is a once-in-a-lifetime ownership opportunity for investors—as well as like-minded collectors who call Greater Miami home. Featuring 38 exclusive suites that meet the modern collector’s lifestyle—and starting in the $700Ks, CollectionSuites has redefined the way lovers of luxury can safeguard and admire their collections. The suites can be used as showrooms to house a collection of art masterpieces, high-end vehicles, or even a sophisticated wine cellar. Or all of them. very detail incorporated into CollectionSuites…

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luxury watch guide

ROGER DUBUIS ROGER DUBUIS EXCALIBUR SPIDER PIRELLI SOTTOZERO DOUBLE FLYING TOURBILLON This Roger Dubuis/Pirelli Sottozero watch has a big name, but that’s because it is a lot of watch. Inspired by its exclusive partnership with Pirelli, the sole supplier of premium tires to the world’s flagship motorsports competitions, Roger Dubuis unveils this Double Flying Tourbillon watch. While the movement and the famous Pirelli color codes are enticing all by themselves, the strap is also an eye-catcher. It is made using rubber inlays from certified Pirelli tires that competed in exhibition races on snow. It depicts the legendary tread motifs of the profile of a Pirelli Cinturato™ intermediate tire. Thanks to a sapphire caseback and crystal, the entire skeletonized RD105SQ hand-wound caliber with signature blue Astral Skeleton is visible. The double flying tourbillons…

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watch designs race forward at lightning speed

Just like the auto industry invests millions of dollars each year into research and development of new car designs and materials, so, too, does the watch world. In fact, in the past decade alone, more and more watch brands are partnering with automobile companies, aviation technology firms and even with scientific research labs in an effort to bring exciting and unusual watches to the forefront. Thanks to Nano-technology and incredible research into creating new alloys and materials, watch brands are able to create timepieces that not only are as stealth and precise as the most advanced F1 racecar, but also that are as futuristic and cutting-edge as the most elaborate concept car. While advances in technology (micro-technology, CNC machines that allow more precise cutting, laser etching and more) have helped to spur…

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born to be number 1

If you have attended high-end automotive events, you may have had the opportunity to see a McLaren P1 in person. It’s unlikely you have seen the track-ready P1 GTR. And it’s even less likely that you have seen VIN# 01. That's right, we’re referring to the first McLaren P1 GTR, which is also the first that is legal to be driven on the street. With only 900 miles, this car is ready to be the centerpiece of your collection. Its hybrid engine provides the driver with 986 horsepower, an 83 hp increase over the standard P1. Power of this magnitude allows it to reach 60 mph in only 2.4 seconds and a top speed of 225 mph. Imagine owning something so elite that there is not another like it in the world.…