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Dwell July/August 2019

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home away from home

Airbnb changed everything. Yes, there were vacation rental services long before the home-sharing juggernaut launched, but its software and scale have opened up a completely new way of exploring the world. Travelers once limited to hotels in tourist quarters or friend-of-a-friend recommendations now have the ability to easily stay in far-flung neighborhoods and architecturally significant homes, seeking out what it might be like to actually live in a place rather than just consume its guidebook-approved offerings. Of course, home sharing has been a double-edged sword. In cities like Barcelona, tourism has metastasized to the point of squeezing out locals, and in places like London, New York, and San Francisco, it has contributed to a choking affordability crisis. On the other hand, it has also created opportunities for forging human connections. Over…

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The Modern World section in your March/April issue was fantastic! It really highlighted the marriage of science and art and how blending the two can create amazing things.—Autumn Laske, Clarks Summit, PA Re: May/June In the most recent issue, on page 22 [“Dwell Asks”], someone is quoted as stating that on his coffee table there is a camshaft from a 1964 Camaro. Oops. The first Camaro wore the model year 1967. Chevrolet did not undertake development on the project until it was clear that Ford’s Mustang was not just another … Edsel. To max out the gearhead pedantry, many early Camaros came with straight-six engines. A straight-six camshaft would be one very long coffee table tchotchke. JOHN MARKS, LINCOLN, RI I love your magazine, but I don’t like the idea of using oyster shells in…

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dive into dwell+

Learn more at dwell.com/subscribe 1. The Dwell Archive Unlock our library of stories from Dwell and see how home design has evolved over the years. Discover our greatest hits, such as this crisp, airy abode in a modernist enclave in Sarasota, Florida. 2. The Sourcebook Want a bathroom that rivals that of beauty vlogger Kristin Johns, featured in our January/February issue? We’ve compiled an indispensable list of products and people highlighted in the magazine. 3. Exclusive Home Tour Videos Homeowner interviews and video walk-throughs let you get up close and personal with inspiring projects like this thoughtfully restored midcentury home near Palm Springs, California. 4. How-to Guides Turn to our guides for the things you absolutely must ask your contractor before starting any project, answers to the questions that commonly stump prefab home buyers, and more.…

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what is 2019’s essential design destination?

Everything about Lisbon breathes beauty. Color palettes that change within a square meter bring pure joy. Designs that span centuries come together in a beautiful, timeless mix.@Freulein_leah BARCELONA In Barcelona you can find design everywhere. Of course, there’s the famous architectural part, but I find the awesome design you see in everyday life more interesting. Arts and craft shops, innovative cafes or art spaces, hidden terraces, design store gems, all of it sprouts like wildflowers between the stones of the city. @Coffeeshopviews CALGARY Our new library is incredible. The Telus Sky building [by Bjarke Ingels Group] gives our skyline a great new update. And the East Village is the culmination of decades’ worth of smart planning to reinvigorate a city that was eroded by suburban flight. @erinbeeyyc CAPE TOWN The city has a vibrant mix of old-world architecture,…

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bold strokes

Seattle artist Mattie Iverson was ready for a change. Having just lived in a modern home, she was drawn to the old-world character of a 1915 Tudor-style house, with its half-timbered facade and stained glass windows, in the Queen Anne neighborhood overlooking Puget Sound. “My dream was to marry it with some of the modern things I love,” says Mattie of the home she shares with her two daughters. Like many houses of this vintage, the inside was dark, which was particularly difficult for a visual person. Working with interiors firm NB Design Group, Mattie decided to paint all the mahogany woodwork on the main level white. “It was a big move, but for us it didn’t feel like it was changing the vocabulary of the architecture,” says NB’s James Fung.…