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cocktail chatter

1 PERFECT CONDITIONS The weather on South Korea’s Jeju Island, where AmorePacific grows green tea for its Vintage Single Extract Essence, was especially sublime for flora back in 2017. So the skin care brand did something special with that year’s harvest: It fermented the leaves for 1,000 days (versus its usual 100). This extra-potent brew of antioxidants has been bottled in 200 handmade golden vessels for the U.S. market, making the antiaging treatment one of the rarest on the planet. AmorePacific Vintage Single Extract Essence 1000 Days Edition, $360, amorepacific.com. 2 JEAN GENIE In case you haven’t noticed, Irina Shayk has a pretty impressive street-style game, often involving the perfect pair of jeans. So it seems only natural that a denim brand would come calling: This season, the supermodel makes her debut as the…

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blowin’ in the wind

Some of the best armchair traveling around can be found on designer Luisa Beccaria’s Instagram account. She and her family have spent the past year at their centuries-old castle in Castelluccio, Sicily, harvesting oranges, olives, and almonds—and gathering creative fuel for her dreamy frocks and tabletop items. Beccaria is not alone in embracing the summery charm of farm-fresh vintage table linens this season. Spanish home brand Los Encajeros offers elevated, embroidered takes on the motif. And designers have made it look just as appealing on the runway—from Fendi, which trimmed a classic white trench with ajour embroidery, to Anna Mason, who channeled a classic gingham tablecloth into the perfect sundress. Looking for an extra excuse to kick up your heels? Malone Souliers’ and Castañer’s embellished mules and timeless espadrilles will…

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iconically yours

Louis Cartier fulfills the wish of aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont: to be able to tell the time on his pocket watch in-flight, without taking his hands off the controls. Thus, the first modern watch designed and intended to be worn on the wrist was born. With its square shape and curved edges, the CARTIER SANTOS WATCH revolutionized watchmaking, offering an alternative to circular watches of the time. “I wear a Tank because it is the watch to wear,” acclaimed artist Andy Warhol. Several years later, French actress Catherine Deneuve followed suit with the perfect accessory to complement her sophisticated glamour. The powerful CARTIER TANK WATCH boasts an unparalleled design: rectangular, geometric, and sleek. It’s legendary. Cocteau described the CARTIER TRINITY RING as a “triple Saturnian ring,” while Romy Schneider wore the coveted piece…

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Tom Munro, Thiemo Sander (Photographers), Déborah Dutrain, Sasa Thomann (Fashion Editors), Virginie Dolata, Lotte Jeffs, Michèle Fitoussi, Georgina Johnston-Watt, Violette Rostand, Elise Webber (Copywriting and Interviews), Halley Brisker, Mickael Jauneau, Wendy Rowe (Hair & Makeup Artists), Michelle Humphrey, Kamel (Manicurists), Mo Li/Agence Mademoiselle (Model), JR Associés, 2BManagement, Creative Blood (Productions) Editorial and Creative Direction: Virginie Dolata. Art Direction: Katia Simon.…

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icons for legends

Some of history’s most legendary film stars, artists, geniuses and athletes have fallen for Cartier’s collections. Marking a moment in time and defying the decades, each icon has a story. ANDY WARHOL The king of pop art was a fan of watches. In particular, he never put down his Cartier Tank watch. “I don’t wear the Tank watch because it tells me the time,” he once said. “I wear the Tank because it is the watch to wear.” JEAN COCTEAU The author of Les Enfants Terribles never left the cult favorite, sculptural Trinity ring at home. He wore two on his pinkie finger and described it as a triple Saturnian ring, the three types of gold representing love, fidelity, and friendship. CATHERINE DENEUVE The French actress was just 20 years old when her film Les Parapluies…

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in conversation with ella balinska

What time did you get up this morning? 4:50 a.m. What’s your state of mind today? Motivated. Who or what did you think of first when you woke up? What hurts after yesterday’s stunts. Do you have a pet? Watson, adopted through @loveunderdogs. Your favorite lunch? I’m a big fan of a poke bowl. What can you not resist? Fashion and a really great script. Museum you want to visit? The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Your favorite city? Barcelona. The jewel you’re dreaming about? The 610-diamond Panthère de Cartier necklace I wore to the UK premiere of Charlie’s Angels. What a night! Gold or silver? White gold. Your first watch? Casio Baby-G. Hello, fellow ’90s kids! What watch are you currently wearing? The Panthère de Cartier watch. Always late or too early? I’d rather be too early, but I tend to find myself stressfully on time. The place where you feel best? The moment just…