August 2021

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“We swung over the hills and over the town and back again, and I saw how a man can be master of a craft, and how a craft can be master of an element. I saw the alchemy of perspective reduce my world, and all my other life, to grains in a cup… And I learned to wander. I learned what every dreaming child needs to know—that no horizon is so far that you cannot get above it or beyond it.”—Beryl Markham, West with the Night Traditionally, there’s been an element to a pilot’s personality that turns upon adventure. Whether it expresses itself in the desire to seek, test or master depends further upon the person—but many pilots still list a type of adventurousness as a reason why they fly. To see…

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Martha’s Unusual Adventure I’m sure you’ve heard from many others about this. Please don’t punish us readers. Keep Martha’s column going. Yes, she messed up, but I as a reader didn’t. Removing her column is a punishment to me. I very much enjoy her column and find it a punishment to me that I wouldn’t be able to read her column. Let her eat crow in print—and let me read it. Rick Hunt via email I was a longtime Flying subscriber and now read every issue through an Apple News subscription. I recently read your statement regarding Martha Lunken, and it was disappointing. She should not be put on “hiatus”—she should be fired. There’s no place in your magazine for someone with such reckless disregard for safety and, at best, a complete lack…

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warbird adventures v. faa

The full breadth of general aviation aircraft offers something to suit every potential pilot—and that includes those who fall under special airworthiness categories. The rising popularity of experimental aircraft, such as the RV series from Van’s Aircraft, turns upon their high performance-to-cost ratio and a serious fun factor driven by models that range from fabric-covered biplanes to single-pilot jets. Warbirds may also fall into this category, often operating under an experimental-exhibition airworthiness certificate, to allow for continued flight demonstration and education. One of the barriers to entry for would-be pilots of experimental aircraft has been the need to find professional flight training in type. In general, experimental aircraft are not allowed to be used for commercial, passenger-carrying operations. For decades, type-specific groups have offered access to instruction through an exception granted…

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hondajet elite s

The Honda Aircraft Company announced on May 26 the new Elite S model, with a 200-pound payload increase, upgraded avionics capabilities and new color schemes. In a virtual launch, Honda Aircraft Company president and CEO Michimasa Fujino called the model “the next iteration of the HondaJet to expand operational capability. As a result of the innovation, design and engineering on the new Elite S, we are once again setting a new standard in business aviation.” The payload improvement stems from an increased maximum takeoff weight of 200 pounds. Fujino noted that a single pilot with 5 passengers would fly 120 nm farther or could choose to take an additional passenger with the new allowance. Upgrades to flight deck include improvements to the “pilot-machine interface,” according to Fujino, with new features in the…

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garmin wins 2020 collier for autoland

On June 3, the National Aeronautic Association announced that Garmin’s Autoland system has won the 2020 Robert J. Collier Trophy, demonstrating “the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America, with respect to improving the performance, efficiency and safety of air or space vehicles, the value of which has been thoroughly demonstrated by actual use during the preceding year,” as noted on the NAA site. The Collier Trophy dates back to 1911, and it honors in 2020 “designing, developing and fielding Garmin Autoland—the world’s first certified autonomous system that activates during an emergency to safely control and land an aircraft without human intervention,” according to the NAA. Other contenders for the award illuminate the tough competition in the field for 2020: the Bell V-280 Valor, Boeing’s Confident Travel Initiative, Reliable Robotics’…

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can you trust datalink weather even though it’s delayed?

“Yes. Just because the radar picture you see on your screen is delayed by five to 15 minutes doesn’t mean it can’t be used for smart in-flight decisions. Whether it’s from a portable ADS-B receiver or a panel-mounted SiriusXM receiver, datalink weather can help you understand the all-important “big picture” and make deviations far in advance of dangerous weather. Don’t pick your way through embedded thunderstorms based on your iPad screen; instead, change your route of flight to miss the entire weather system by many miles. If you’re not sure in which direction or how fast the weather is moving, animate the radar and watch the trend. Then, give yourself a wide margin and try to stay in visual conditions if possible. Even if you’re IFR, the most reliable way…