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Health April 2019

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the art of self-care

There’s one sentence in this issue—on our very last page—that was particularly resonant for me: “Take care of yourself first.” It’s an important piece of wisdom from author and actress Tracy Pollan, and one that’s easy to forget in our busy, busy lives. But taking time to nurture your own needs should not be optional (and it’s definitely not selfish!). In fact, it lets you be there for those you love in a deeper, more meaningful way. I’ve figured out that the most important forms of self-care for me, at this point in my life, are exercise and time with my friends. If I don’t get in a good workout for a couple of days or have a chance to talk—really talk—with the women I’m closest to for a week or so,…

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the skinny on celery juice

If your feed has suddenly been taken over by images of gorgeous green celery juice, you’re not alone. Health adviser and registered dietitian Cynthia Sass says the sip deserves some buzz. “In addition to being low in calories and a source of fiber, celery provides vitamin K, folate, potassium, and more than a dozen types of antioxidants. Plus, celery has been shown to help optimize circulation, fight inflammation, and support a healthy gut.” The rub is that the research on celery juice is scant, meaning that its benefits aren’t well-proven. Sass also notes that “while it’s more concentrated, and therefore more nutrient-packed, it’s also not as filling as eating raw celery.”…

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chelsea jackson roberts

What makes you feel strong and powerful? Studying an intention, goal, or vision and seeing myself committed to it, no matter how scary it is. Once I reach that goal or am in the process of working toward something, that makes me feel really strong. Can you define what self-care means to you? I am often serving people in communities and even my partner in many ways, so self-care is carving out time for myself. Ultimately, it is a consistent practice or commitment to myself, and it makes me feel good whenever I am engaged in it. What is your favorite yoga pose and why? Dancer’s Pose. It was one of the first poses I did when I started yoga. And it was something that if I had seen a picture of…

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That gear you pull out for a hike or a camping trip? Rock it on your next brunch date with the girls. Yup, items like pullover fleeces, hiking boots, and fanny packs are the new way to do athleisure. This trend is called gorpcore—from the classic camping snack “good old raisins and peanuts.” And if you need to refresh your outdoorsy wardrobe, look no further.…

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green up your food routine

PRACTICE ROOT-TO-STEM EATING Not only are you creating more waste when you throw away parts of the vegetable but you’re also missing out on a boatload of nutrition. Broccoli stalks are a delicious starter scrap. Cut away the outer layer, and then chop into rounds or sticks for snacking on raw. Sauté in olive oil and use as a topping for ricotta toast. Or shave them into salads for some extra crunch. CUT BACK ON DISPOSABLE PLASTICS It may be unrealistic to swear off sandwich bags and paper napkins entirely, but even if you make one or two swaps, you’ll save a lot of waste over the long haul. Consider using cloth napkins and towels instead of paper. Another idea: Opt for cloth bowl covers instead of plastic wrap. (Lindsay-Jean loves the goods…

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save your hair from hard water

1. Color Wow Dream Filter ($24; colorwowhair.com) You apply this before you step into the shower. Then once you do, it acts like a magnet—collecting minerals and metals and helping them wash away. 2. Living Proof Triple Detox Shampoo ($28; livingproof.com) A highly charged polymer in this formula pulls buildup caused by hard water away from hair without stripping it, helping you get clean, healthy-looking locks. 3. T3 Source Showerhead Mineral Water Filter ($150; sephora.com) This special showerhead is made to filter out chlorine (which can cause frizz), as well as other tough-on-strands minerals. It also has seven spray settings, so you can customize your stream. Broccoli: Tara Donne; woman: Stephanie Rausser/Trunk Archive…