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Hi-Fi Choice

Hi-Fi Choice

October 2020

Hi-Fi Choice is the essential guide to audio excellence in the home. It is a no-nonsense guide to the finest products available, from vinyl and valves, to multi-channel digital audio and high-fidelity video. Hi-Fi Choice sorts the best from the rest with rigorous test processes and a highly experienced team of reviewers.

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www.hifichoice.com Issue No. 467 October 2020 On p83, occasioned by the closure of Q magazine, you’ll find a piece I put together on the sad demise of the once great British music press. The gist of it is that if your business depends on finding people who are willing to pay for your thoughts on any forthcoming music release, it is likely to be in a spot of trouble. Now, you may think it highly ironic that this piece should appear in the Opinion section of a magazine you’ve just bought, and I have to admit you’re probably right, but buying hi-fi equipment can be a complicated business and it’s likely to set you back a fair bit more than a Spotify upgrade. And that’s why we’re pleased to do what we…

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we are the champions!

EISA AWARD WINNERS 2020-2021 CHOSEN BY JOURNALISTS from 61 publications spanning 29 countries, the annual EISA (Expert Imaging and Sound Association) Awards are the world’s most prestigious hi-fi accolades. The plan for 2020 was to follow the same pattern as those of previous years with companies presenting their entrants at the EISA convention in Antwerp in April, followed by voting which would have been finalised at EISA’s annual global meeting in June. However, that was all banjaxed by the Coronavirus outbreak. Not to be defeated by a global pandemic, EISA organised the awards virtually via Skype and email, each category voted by one of six expert groups. The winners have just been announced and here they are – the very best in hi-fi. BEST VALUE FLOORSTANDING LOUDSPEAKER Focal Chora 826 PRICE: £1,300 REVIEWED: HFC 457 The panel…

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cassette store day cancelled

Cassette Store Day, the annual co-ordinated release of music on collectable tapes that was inspired by the success of Record Store Day, has cancelled its 2020 event in the light of sexual misconduct claims made against one of its principal participants, Burger Records. The event was planned for 17 October worldwide and would have been a boon to the resurgent industry re-emerging after difficult times under lockdown. It was immediately cancelled when news broke that Burger, based in Fullerton, California and the fount of many of the events’ tape releases, was accused of “normalising a culture of sexual assault” at its shows and within its catalogue of artists. Despite an attempt to rebrand and launch a separate imprint for female artists in response to the claims, Burger has been forced to shut…

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unique group tests

Hi-Fi Choice employs the most methodical test and measurement regime in the business. Here’s how we do it… CARTRIDGE GROUP TEST COMPARING SIX DIFFERENT cartridges back-to-back is not a logistically simple feat, so two stages are used. First, each product is fitted and aligned to a Michell GyroDec/TecnoArm turntable and run for a day or two to break-in the cartridge and get a general impression of its sonic character. After this, each cartridge is fitted to an identical Technics headshell and aligned to SL-1200 Mk2 geometry using a Mobile Fidelity Geodisc. The Technics detachable headshell means that speedy back-to-back comparisons can be made, with just the arm balance and height needing to be adjusted. This is done with a set of Ortofon cartridge scales. Tracking force and bias are set to the manufacturer’s…

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quiet gains

IFi Audio has been most prolific on the digital side in recent years, but the company has made phono stages for some time and the iPhono3 Black Label (unsurprisingly replacing the iPhono2) is the latest model to go on sale. The basic specification of the new model is very similar to its predecessors. It’s a single-input design (although MM and MC carts have separate inputs, you cannot switch between them) with adjustment for impedance, capacitance and gain undertaken by dip switches on the underside. This is less convenient than some rivals, but once it’s set the iFi can be stored out of sight which is potentially handy. The headline feature here is the noise levels, or indeed the lack of them. A noise floor of -85dB is quoted, which means that…

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running in the family

It should not come as any great surprise to find that the audio industry thrives on specialisation. Within the church of hi-fi there are, of course, manufacturers that only produce components in a single category and do very well out of it. There are also those that take pride in being able to make a complete system, keeping the entire process inhouse. Between the two exist infinite variations on the theme, but the setup here is sufficiently unusual to be worthy of comment. Mention PMC to anybody with at least a passing understanding of the hi-fi sphere and they’ll talk about speakers. The company has a superlative track record in the construction of both domestic and professional audio monitors, all tied together by the use of transmission lines to augment and…