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Home Cinema Choice August 2019

Home Cinema Choice is the UK's best-selling home cinema enthusiasts magazine. Every issue features news and reviews of the latest home cinema equipment, from amplifiers, receivers, processors and power amps, to DVD recorders, speakers, projectors and flat panel TVs.

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Are you a Dolby Vision fan or an HDR10+ stalwart? Okay, that's probably quite a niche question, but those with an interest in dynamic metadata HDR formats can rejoice that Philips' 55OLED804 TV (our cover star this issue) supports both. Of course, in an ideal world we wouldn't be in this situation, but when you want to watch the 40th Anniversary Edition of Alien (HDR10+) and 2001: A Space Odyssey (Dolby Vision) at their optimal level, picking a 'side' in this HDR battle is a drag. The more hardware brands that adopt this all encompassing approach, the better – so good news that both Philips and Panasonic have seen the (HDR) light. Speaking of seeing the light, it's the middle of Summer and I'm considering either moving to Antarctica or installing serious…

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John Archer: The experienced TV tester cut his teeth as an early HCC staff er Jon Thompson: Film producer and post-production expert delves into Hollywood and AV Steve May: HCC’s former Ed. is one of the UK’s most respected AV journos Martin Pipe: Technical expert Martin is renown throughout the industry Richard Stevenson: Former Editor of the UK CE trade journal ERT Ed Selley: Audiophile Ed mixes his home cinema passion with a love of vinyl Steve Withers: Movie fan, display calibrator and object-based audio obsessive…

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For its second-generation Mu-so one-box solution, Naim has introduced an HDMI ARC connection, allowing for integration in a living room TV setup. Other refinements include new mid/bass drivers, a beefed up DSP engine, 'superior' Wi-Ficapability and expanded streaming service/music playback features via Chromecast built-in. The styling retains the look of the original Mu-so, but cabinet size has been slightly increased and there are three new grille options. Add one to your kit rack for £1,300. HCC ONLINE… For breaking AV news, blogs, features and reviews visit www.homecinemachoice.com Follow us on Twitter @hccmag Like us on Facebook facebook.com/homecinemachoice…

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encore for jamo

Featuring a centre channel, bipole surround and two sizes of bookshelf and floorstander, Jamo's Concert 9 II series is primed for your cinema room. The speakers partner the brand's Hybrid Composition Conical Cone (HCCC) mid/bass drivers with waveguided silk dome tweeters, in curved cabinets with full-length woven tweed grilles. Pricing begins at £275 for the C 9 CEN II centre and maxes out at £900 per-pair for the three-way C 97 II floorstander. Finish options are Black Ash or a limited edition White Oak. It's a kind of Magico Californian brand Magico sells its Ultimate speakers for $600,000 per-pair, so it can get away with describing its A Series as 'affordable'. Previously limited to the A3 floorstander, the lineup, which acts as the entry-point to Magico's audiophile stable, is growing to include…

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lg 8k oled goes on sale

First shown as a prototype at IFA in September last year and then confirmed at January's CES, LG has now begun accepting pre-orders for its 8K OLED TV – but only in its native South Korea. The company says the 88in 88Z9 model will become available in 'key markets in North America and Europe' by September this year. UK pricing remains unknown, but the set looks likely to command a premium over rival 8K LED TVs. Early adopters in South Korea need to find 40m won, which equates to around £25,000. Beyond the bump in resolution, the 88Z9 shares much of the same technology as LG's other (4K) OLEDs, including Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, and HDMI 2.1 connectivity allowing for automatic low latency mode (ALLM), variable refresh rate (VRR) and enhanced…

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Killing Eve: Series Two (BBC iPlayer) The globe-trotting black comedy spy/assassin thriller returns for another eight-episode run – all available in boxset form on the iPlayer platform. A Star is Born: Encore Edition (Blu-ray) Some of the new scenes are great, others less so – but the film's Full HD visuals and Dolby Atmos audio are as sublime as ever. Chernobyl (Sky Boxsets) This gripping five-part nuclear disaster dramatisation is simply unmissable – and if you don't have Sky, it hits Blu-ray this month! Better Call Saul: Season Four (Blu-ray) 'It's all good man.' The Breaking Bad prequel just keeps getting better and better. The Front Runner (R2 DVD) Hugh Jackman gives one of his best performances to date in this superb true-life political drama.…