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HOME covers the best New Zealand architecture, design and interiors. It features inspirational, ingenious and just plain breathtaking homes from all over the country – as well as new restaurants, exciting art and the latest furniture releases.

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We hear a lot these days about how hard it is to build or renovate a house in New Zealand. The cost of materials! The cost of labour! The building code! The cost of compliance! The bloody council! It’s all true, of course. Back in 2017, we were bowled by the difficulties we encountered adding a relatively simple 40 square metres to our little shack on the North Shore of Auckland. The addition cost three times what we originally thought it would and came with numerous bureaucratic hurdles. We just wanted bedrooms for our kids, and yet everything seemed to be working against us, from building inspectors to neighbours fretting about a shared driveway. And yet. Most weeks, I get an email or 12 from homeowners and architects. They send me photographs…

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Sam Eichblatt For the sixth consecutive year, the New York-based writer covered NYCxDesign for HOME. How has NYCxDesign evolved over the time you’ve been attending? The US has been shaping its own design identity over the past decade, not just in NYC or LA but in smaller regional cities. It has been really interesting watching American designers dig into their history of modernism and vernacular craft, like the Shaker movement, and develop their own aesthetic. What are you working on that’s stirring your creativity? I’m building a little off-grid cabin on 10 acres of land I bought with friends last year. It’s near a town called Hobart in the Catskill Mountains. Another friend and I are also looking to buy a farmhouse to renovate with pieces by the designers we work with. And…

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cupboard love

Dominic Glamuzina— “We had talked about the wardrobe a lot – deliberating over every detail. Emma and I know each other so well and the dialogue enables us to easily throw ideas around. There was a deep understanding of what she required and, having lived there, I knew the space really well. Emma has a lot of clothes, but we also needed to celebrate the window [that looks out to Myers Park] with a bench seat and we discussed how this would relate to the wardrobe. So we pulled the wardrobe up off the ground to make it float, which then intersects with the day bed. It became a little piece of programming that went from being just a wardrobe to a whole bunch of pieces that connected to it. The…

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stay and play

“I wanted to create a sanctuary for children, a space that felt playful, familiar and exciting,” says Rawstorne Studio’s Sarah Johnson, of Te Whare Tapere Children’s Space in Massey, west Auckland. Working with partner Robin Rawstorne, Auckland Council’s arts-management team and architects Warren & Mahoney, the ‘lead artist’ on the project set out to design a sanctuary at a scale that would appeal to children’s imaginations and resonate with kids of all ages. Your backgrounds are in live performance and theatre – how does this compare? My background in theatre taught me that live events create a sense of wonder and inquisitiveness that lives on as a memory for the viewer. My ambition with this project was to distill and transfer the essence of a live experience into a permanent installation. I…

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colour full

It’s possibly a long hangover from previous, more colourful decades. New Zealand architecture always seems to do texture and materials beautifully, but when it comes to colour, we’re a wee bit timid. Done well, colour is adventurous and bold, but also rational and clever. It can help delineate spaces and function, create mood and texture, and help – rather than impinge – our understanding of what buildings do. So, when Dulux asked me to help judge their annual Australasian awards for colour, I said yes on the spot. Themes this year? Colour blocking is going strong – we saw a number of projects with one colour applied across a whole section of a room, covering everything from the ceiling to ducting and services. Red – in shades of maroon rather than poppy…

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