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HOME covers the best New Zealand architecture, design and interiors. It features inspirational, ingenious and just plain breathtaking homes from all over the country – as well as new restaurants, exciting art and the latest furniture releases.

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a life in numbers

I’ve always lived in small spaces – I’ve never loved the idea of excess space or rooms that are only used occasionally. And for some reason, which I don’t really understand, I can remember the size of almost all of them. I grew up in an inner-city cottage: 110 square metres, which at one point fitted six humans, two Labradors and a cat. Later, there was the apartment in Freemans Bay ‘Star Flats’, a roomy 72 square metres and two bedrooms, which felt like a palace after the 1960s 48-square-metre shoebox I lived in before that, and it felt positively gigantic compared to my one-bedroom London council flat. Two bedrooms! A separate laundry! The luxury! For a while, I rented a villa in Grey Lynn – at 140 square metres, it’s the…

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Jessica Gernat The photographer spent a day with two artists who have built their home on family land in Mt Roskill, Auckland (p. 110). This is your first commission for HOME – tell us a little about yourself. I was born in Canada and raised a Kiwi – I’m a Caniwi. My journey has incorporated studies in architecture and photography and this career brings the two passions together. I find the end-to-end shoot process very special, shaped by spirited conversations with amazing designers and creators. What did you enjoy about photographing the home of two artists? Kirstin and Dan were so welcoming, spending time in their spaces filled with paintings and sculptures created by them and their friends was incredibly inspiring. Shooting over the course of a day gifted me more time with…

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house work

Jane MacDonnell— We started up Inhouse back in 1994 when I got pregnant. We wanted to have our baby with us and didn’t want to put her into daycare and go off to different jobs. So we started in the front room of our house in Kingsland, hence the name. Then we got a bit bigger, we moved to a studio in Ponsonby, then Britomart. While we loved it there, we yearned for a more domestic setting where life and work could coalesce seamlessly. Arch MacDonnell— An opportunity presented itself to relocate from the city to the leafy suburbs – a small original 60s house in Birkenhead backing onto Le Roys bush. We thought it would be great to go back to our origins. JM— We are such a small company, a…

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yard works

In the past few years, Box 112 has redeveloped a series of heritage spaces around Christchurch into vibrant, city-making spaces combining offices, retail and hospitality. Collectively, they’re a charming bunch – warm, tactile spaces making use of buildings that were largely overlooked before the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. Their latest effort is The Yard, in a 1950s former printing hall positioned on the edge of ‘South Frame’, a new $28m government-led ‘green walkway’ precinct. This pedestrian-friendly area on the city fringe combines four gathering spaces, with a pedestrian and cycling corridor through its heart. “It’s an emerging and growing area,” says Box 112’s James Stringer, “and we love that there’s a wide range of industries and businesses here.” The Yard has light and volume with large windows and lofty ceilings, and…

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tall order

Tell us about ‘Boy Walking’. Who is he and where is he going? I try not to refer to Boy Walking in gendered terms, so I refer to the sculpture as an ‘it’, and think of it simply as a child. So, it’s a child that’s walking. Rather than just asking where the figure is going, the question could also be: where has it been? Movement is between departure and arrival and implies a present that’s always shifting from the past into the future. Children may relate to the work as in the state they feel themselves in (growing, experiencing). For adults it may evoke the return to eternal childhood, which is static and nostalgic, among other things. You say inspiration was drawn from your 1995 ‘Mephitis’ series of black-and-white photographic…

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in balance

What does Three Quarter Society do and what’s behind the name? Dmitry Sedov (owner)— We are an independent Wellington specialty coffee bar serving exclusive single origin and blends, with beans sourced directly from plantations. When we were in search of the perfect flat white, we came to a three-quarter ratio, creating a stronger coffee with a less milky flavour. Since then, we’ve served the three-quarter flat white as our signature drink. Your new space was designed by Thomas Seear-Budd. Tell us about it. It’s open, full of light and gathers people around with the aroma of coffee and sound of beans grinding. The project had a clear focus on using natural materials. We wanted to achieve simplicity and clarity of design, showcase craftsmanship and create a calm atmosphere. What materials have you…