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HOME covers the best New Zealand architecture, design and interiors. It features inspirational, ingenious and just plain breathtaking homes from all over the country – as well as new restaurants, exciting art and the latest furniture releases.

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editor’s letter

Congratulations to the Home of the Year 2021 winners and finalists! This issue is about innovation and inspiration. It is a celebration of the best homes in Aotearoa; thought-provoking designs where a synergy of form and function speaks for itself. It is about forward-thinking and environmentally responsible methodology, and the collaboration between client, architect, and builder that brings these homes to life. The overall winner is Black Quail House (p. 66) by Barcelona-based New Zealander Bergendy Cooke. Having visited the site only a couple of times, Bergendy achieved a remarkable result — a highly considered response to a harsh environment where mining tailings still scar the land. It’s a place of beauty and connection that challenges the status quo. Among the category winners are three coastal homes. Hill to Horizon House (p. 82) on…

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Thanks to the generosity and invaluable insights of Richard Naish, Federico Monsalve, and Jessica Walker (above: left to right), plus the invaluable support from Parkside Media staff (especially Isobel Simmons and Renae Fisher), this Home of the Year competition turned out to be a highly successful one. Here, Federico talks to the other judges about their week-long tour to see this year’s finalists. What were the big gestures or ideas you saw in this year’s tour? Richard Naish (RN) It felt to me that the most challenging sites together with engaged clients — and sometimes challenging budgets — delivered the most outstanding projects. That once again reinforced to me that, as architects, our best work comes from projects with the most constraints. Is constraints a trend? I think so. Jessica Walker (JW) I…

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film on tour

The Resene Architecture and Design Film Festival brings to Aotearoa a diverse selection of films that showcase the best in architecture and design worldwide. Offering thought-provoking insights into the relationship between the built environment and societal observations, the festival is a highly anticipated event for architects, students, lovers of design, and creatives everywhere. After successful screenings in Auckland and Wellington, the festival is now playing in Christchurch and Dunedin. Festival Selects, an edit of seven of the films on show, is being screened in Havelock North and New Plymouth. HOME is proud to be a gold sponsor of the Resene Architecture and Design Film Festival 2021 resene.co.nz/filmfestival.htm RESENE ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN FILM FESTIVAL Dunedin 3–13 June Christchurch 10–23 June Havelock North 10–16 June New Plymouth 17–23 June…

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sabine marcelis

PUFF-PASTRY BOA POUF SHORTS:01 We are loving the newly released ‘Boa Pouf’ by Dutch designer (although with some solid New Zealand upbringing) Sabine Marcelis. The delicious, foam-filled lounge seat is organic, pastry-like, and comes in Sulfur Yellow, Cotton Candy, and Oatmeal colours. Sabine, who is best known for her material experimentations with resin, worked for two years with Stockholm-based, independent design brand Hem to manufacture the highly complex (and delightfully playful) piece. Sugar glazing is not included. hem.com…

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AUTUMN’S NEW LIGHT SHORTS:02 Back in early 2020, Auckland’s mouth-blown glass maestro Monmouth released the ‘Balanced’ lamp, a collaboration in four gentle colourways with wood artisan Courtney Petley. The pair have now re-released the piece in four slightly more autumnal colours: Green Apple, Aubergine, Passata, and Mustard. The glass is relatively opaque, which marks a departure from Monmouth’s usual more transparent materiality. “Yes, the palette is a departure from the soft transparent colours that Monmouth is more well known for, but that’s one of the things we love about our ongoing collab series — the chance to work with other creatives and try new colours and shapes,” says Stephen Bradbourne, co-director of Monmouth. “We wanted to draw attention to the new range and felt these four colours were really eye-catching and had a cutting-edge, contemporary…

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SHORTS:03 Marlborough-born spatial and leather goods designer Annabel Smart has worked for an enviable number of companies, including Fearon Hay, Architectus, and Melbourne’s Hecker Guthrie. HOME caught up with her to chat about co-founding the multidisciplinary Studio 11:11, and what the future holds. How did you come to architecture/design? When I was young, my dad used to share an office with the late Sir Michael Fowler. Sometimes I would go there after school … Sir Michael would lend me some colouring pencils and I would watch him at his drafting table creating towering buildings with his quivery lines. I think this was my first encounter with architecture and it has captured my interest ever since. Now you focus on an interesting combination of interiors and leather goods — how did that start? It started out…