House & Home October 2019 - Fall Decorating + Dream Kitchens

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playing against type

There was a time in my life when all I desired was an entirely white home — white floors, white walls, white furniture, even books sheathed in sleeves of white paper. It was an aesthetic I’d seen successfully carried out in magazines by artistic homeowners often living in New York City lofts with soaring factory windows. When we bought our first house in Toronto, we decided to live in the space for a few months before taking on a major renovation. The walls were a deep burgundy and the floors were a dark-stained, cheap parquet. Prior to moving in, I persuaded my husband to give everything a coat of white paint — including the floors — so at least the house would feel bright and clean. Three coats later, the…

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JESSICA GLYNN Photographer, “All That Jazz” (page 108) The Palm Beach, Fla.–based photographer’s work has been featured in Elle Decor and Domino. Favourite Thanksgiving tradition? A meal with a big, golden-brown turkey, candied yams, mashed potatoes, grilled veggies and cranberry bread — and pumpkin pie for dessert! Best feature in your kitchen? Our ceramic Cuban backsplash tile we handpicked in Miami. KELVIN BROWNE Writer, “My Favourite Room” (page 58) Kelvin is the executive director and CEO of the Gardiner Museum, not to mention a decorating buff looking for his next home or garden to revamp. Your dream kitchen has… Counter space, perfect knives and impeccable tools. What’s your fondest fall memory? Cantering through the autumn fields with our horses of 18 years when we had a weekend place in the country. EMILY GRIFFIN Designer, “True…

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your letters

We’re reprinting this letter from August’s RSVP page because a reader gave us a very insightful response… As a Canadian magazine, you should be advocating for the sustainable use of Northern fur, animal horn and bone artwork for decorating. Harvesting wildlife in the northern territories is an important income for Indigenous peoples and residents and provides food and materials for sustainable living. The sale of artwork made with wild fur, or jewelry made with horn or bone helps them earn an income from the land, which was theirs before colonialism. It’s important to understand the difference between this and trophy kills (which I am not condoning). Educate your readers on the difference and tell the story of why Northern communities need their support. — JOHANNA TIEMESSEN, Yellowknife The reader’s response: This letter…

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material world

In The Authentics, the lush coffee table book by photographer Melanie Acevedo and Schumacher creative director Dara Caponigro, Libertine fashion designer Johnson Hartig opines that every room needs five essentials: good table lamps, comfortable chairs, art, colour and pattern. The last two are beautifully and boldly represented in his first collection of wallpaper, fabric and trim for Schumacher. Launched in September, the line includes fearless prints of tigers and dragons alongside daintier toiles — a gleeful clash of classic and unconventional that fans of his clothing brand already know and love. At AnneStarr and Crescendo.…

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horsing around

If you’re going to treat yourself, head to the new Hermès Vancouver flagship store, where even browsing is retail therapy at its finest. Paris architecture firm RDAI transformed the two-storey space at 717 Burrard Street into a fantasy of moulded concrete, warm oak and cherry wood. Also look for the aqua green and earthy terracotta version of the trademark Faubourg Saint-Honoré mosaic, which hearkens back to the label’s rich heritage. For the first time, the Vancouver store will carry an assortment of furniture, as well as special items inspired by the city, including one-of-a-kind roller skates. Text by Kimberley Brown (Cool Collab, Decorating)/Amanda Demeku (Horsing Around)/Photography by Melanie Acevedo (Cool Collab, portrait)/ courtesy of Schumacher (Cool Collab, fabric, wallpaper)/Hermès (Horsing Around)/Sarah + Ruby (Decorating)…

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fair play

Take us back to the beginning! What was your starting point for the collection? From a style perspective, it was all about creating a dialogue between my favourite high points of 20th-century design, which are Art Deco, mid-century modern and ’70s style. I wanted the collection to actually feel collected, which hopefully makes it more livable. What’s behind the name? I liked that Arcade is an architectural term, as well as being connected to old-school gamer culture and video arcades. There’s a lot of great colour and pattern. Was that important to you? I love velvet and how intense it can make colour look. Some of the Canadian-made sofas and chairs were definitely designed to play that up. And I firmly believe that just about every space is improved with a standout…