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It GiRL November 2019

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ed’s letter

Hi girls, This month we're appreciating our besties. When was the last time you and your friends did something really fun together? I'm super-lucky because I get to see my BFFs nearly every weekend, either when we go and see all the cool new movies together or when we just hang out at home and chill out. Spending quality time with your best pals and being thankful for having them as friends is the inspiration for our Bestie Special which starts on page 24. Oh, and there's a fun friendship quiz on page 60, as well. What do you and your mates get up to when you hang out together? Send me an email and let me know! Chat to you next month! CHECK US OUT ON YOUTUBE! Plus, visit itgirlmag.com.au/youtube to check out…

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it girl mailbox

To It GiRL, Thanks for the poster of Sofia Carson in your last issue. I am a huge fan of Sofia's and it would be great to see more of the her in the mag! Thanks. JAYDA, 12, GOLD COAST, QLD Hi It GiRL, I bought your magazine for the first time last month because I LOVE The Next Step and I really liked it. I wish I had bought it sooner so I didn't miss so many of the past issues, but I definitely won't be missing any issues in the future ELENA, 11, KINGSGROVE, NSW Dear It GiRL, I really like your magazine. My fave celebrities are Dove Cameron, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. I'm also a huge fan of the Descendants movies too. I've watched them 100 times! Thank you for reading my email. BERNICE,…

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10 reasons why we’re excited for spring!

one Daylight Saving starts in spring so we get extra hours of sunshine. Yay! two Getting up and out of bed will be easy as! Okay, it’ll still be tough on school mornings, but at least it won’t be freezing cold anymore! three You suddenly feel motivated to do more than just sit on the couch under a cosy blanket and watch television. Time to get active again! four SPRING IS PICNIC SEASON! PACK A BLANKET, SOME YUMMY FOOD AND ENJOY THE SUNSHINE WITH FRIENDS. five With all the trees growing back their leaves, and the flowers beginning to bloom, outside is starting to look really pretty again! six It’s quicker to get ready in the morning. No more putting on layer after layer of clothing. Phew! seven You can stop worrying about getting ladders in your stockings or remembering to pack things…

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it girl hot stuff

FLY IT OWLEEZ, $79.99, AVAILABLE AT TARGET AND BIG W Meet Owleez, the first interactive toy pet that can really fly! Place the baby owl in her nest and watch as she magially takes flight! Owleez also needs to be fed, tickled, rocked to sleep and loved, and will let you know her mood by changing her eye colour. PLAY IT MONOPOLY: PIZZA EDITION, $39.95, MRTOYS.COM.AU Who wants pizza? Move around the gameboard, trying to buy as many pizza toppings as you can. Your aim is to collect a colour set that matches to a certain type of pizza, such as barbecue chicken or veggie lovers. Whoever collects the most slices, wins! LOVE IT SUNNYLIFE POOL FLOATS, $69.96 EACH, SUNNYLIFE.COM.AU The weather is warmer and summertime is just around the corner - hello, swimming season! This summer float…

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when gaming meets art

Not every game is about shooting aliens in the face. Some swap blood and gore for experiences that are illuminating and spiritual. Games like Concrete Genie, which is out on PS4 October 8. The story involves a young boy called Ash who is always getting bullied. To escape these haters, he runs off into the abandoned, dark, dirty streets of a ruined city to doodle in his notebook. However, when the bullies catch up, they tear his notebook to pieces, leaving his precious drawings spread across the old neighbourhoods. You set off to collect the lost pages, but that’s not really what the game is about. Instead, our hero finds himself a magic paintbrush that he can use to draw on the walls of the abandoned city. Sometimes this is part of…

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whoa! how embarrassing!

CLASSROOM CRASH I was running late for school, so I was sprinting to class, when I tripped at the door of the classroom. All my things went flying and landed all over the floor . My class was so shocked that they all just stared at me in silence as my teacher came over to help me up. I was so, so, so embarrassed and couldn’t look anyone in the eye as I made my way to my seat! RUBY, 12, WA DIVING DRAMA My embarrassing moment happened while I was in swimming class at school. Our class was taking turns diving into the pool and I was a little nervous because I’m not very good at diving. When I dived in I came out of the water and some of the girls were…