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It GiRL December 2019

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ed’s letter

Hey everyone, Welcome to our very last 2019 edition of It GiRL, and what an issue it is! Firstly, our annual Christmas Wish List is back and better than ever. We've had so many games, toys, gadgets, fashion, and more sent to the office, that it's been super-hard not to get distracted by it all. Okay, I'm not going to lie, I totally got distracted by it all and had to be reminded a few times that we have an issue to finish! You can check it all out from page 25. But the most exciting thing in this issue is the fact that we're giving one of our awesome readers the chance to star on one of our covers in the new year! For all the details on how to…

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it girl mailbox

Hey It GiRL, I am your biggest fan! I love every single issue you make. Keep up the excellent work. LILY, 8, GOLD COAST, QLD To It GiRL, Thank you for making the world's best mag. Can I ask you one favour? Can you please put a story about Blackpink in your next issue? I am their biggest fan! LUCY, 11, VIA EMAIL Dear It GiRL, I love your magazine so, so much. I love Hot Stuff, Celeb Spotlight, The 10 List and my most favourite, Whoa! I love it because it makes me laugh every time I read it. I also love all the posters, I stick them all over my room. I can't wait for the next issue. MABEL, 11, VIA EMAIL Hey It GiRL, Your magazine is awesome, I've been collecting it for over a year now.…

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10 signs you’re ready for summer!

one You’ve spent a lot of your lunch breaks having water fights with your friends - even though you know it’s not allowed! two Ice cream has become your primary (and most delicious!) food group. three You’d rather walk around in your undies than wear a pair of pants. It’s too hot! four YOU REFUSE TO ADMIT YOU’RE COLD WHEN YOU HAVEN’T DRESSED WARMLY ENOUGH FOR A CHILLY DAY. five You spend your days at school dreaming of going home and making the most of the daylight saving hours. six Every petrol station stop means it’s time for a frozen drink! So yummy and refreshing. seven You get excited, and put your swimmers on straight away whenever dad puts the sprinkler on. eight SUMMER MEANS... SUMMER HOLIDAYS! YOU’VE GOT THE LAST DAY OF THE SCHOOL YEAR CLEARLY MARKED ON YOUR CALENDAR AND YOU ARE COUNTING…

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it girl hot stuff

CREATE IT ARTSPLASH 3D LIQUID ART, $20, AVAILABLE AT TOYMATE.COM.AU Create colourful 3D water art using Artsplash. Use the dyes to mix any combination of colours you like, then use the Aquapen to place the coloured water onto any of the six different Artsheet designs. When you’re done, just wipe the Artsheet clean and start again! SPLASH IT RAINBOW WATER SPRINKLER, $19, KMART.COM.AU No pool? No worries! Invite your friends over and cool off on hot days with this super-cute rainbow water sprinkler. All you need to do is pump up the sprinkler to inflate it, hook it up to a hose connection, and then run, jump and splash about. Hours of fun! WANT IT FART NINJA DELUXE, MYTHICAL HOT WIND, $29.99, AVAILABLE AT LEADING TOY RETAILERS We know boys find farts funny, but we think some girls…

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it girl of the month

FACT FILE AGE: 8 SIBLINGS: a little brother, Hudson PET: a budgie called Mango FAVE COLOUR: Coral Glitter FAVE BAND: Little Mix FAVE MOVIES: A Dog’s Purpose and Annie FUN FACTS: • I’m very creative. I have a passion for painting and drawing. I love to create things for my friends and seeing them smile. • I’m passionate about helping the homeless and people less fortunate. • I’m currently writing and illustrating a book with the Book Incubator. It’s about a homeless girl called Maya and all proceeds from the book will go to buying swags for the homeless. All About Me MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SCHOOL IS hanging out with my friends and dominating the boys at dodgeball. My least favourite thing is maths tests. I GO TO DRAMA CLASSES. I absolutely love drama and…

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whoa! how embarrassing!

SAUCY SISTER I was at my friend’s house and we wer e eating spaghetti bolognese for dinner . Halfway thr ough dinner I noticed her brother looking at me funny. When I looked down I saw that I had spilled some sauce all down the fr ont of my t-shirt. Not just a few dr ops, but a lot! My friend’s mum then made a big deal about it and made me go and change my top so she could soak my t-shirt so it wouldn’t leave a stain. It was all so embarrassing! TALIA, 12, NSW NO KNICKERS I had worn my leggings to bed, so when I woke up in the morning, I just popped my school uniform over the top thinking I would take my leggings off at school if I…