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It GiRL March 2020

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ed’s letter

Hi guys, I'm so bummed because by the time you're reading this the summer holidays will be over. Boo! But, I guess it's not all bad. The beginning of the school year can be kind of fun. You get to find out who your new teacher is, see all your friends again and all your school supplies are shiny and new! To kick things off, we've put together the ultimate back-to-school special which starts on page 25. Also this month, on page 32 we've featured some of the entries from our Instax Cover Star competition. You guys, we are completely blown away by how many of you have entered the comp, and it's going to be sooo hard to choose just one winner! But in the meantime, we wanted to show…

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it girl mailbox

To It GiRL, I really like your magazine. My favourite sections are Whoa!, Celeb Gossip, Destiny, Tech Head and all the fashion. You guys rock! CHRISTA, 11, ISAACS, ACT Dear It GiRL, Guess what I got for Christmas? A subscription to It GiRL! I was so excited when I opened it and I can't wait to get all my magazines in the mail. EMILIA, 9, BUSBY, NSW Hi It GiRL, I am a big fan of your magazine. I only started reading it last year, but my new year's resolution is to not miss any issues of It GiRL. Also, if you can please put a story about Billie Eilish in one of your issues, that would be awesome. I love her. MIA, 12, VIA EMAIL Hey It GiRL, I love you guys so much! Your mag is amazing and…

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10 ways to make 2020 the best ever!

one Start a journal. Write down all the funny or crazy things that happen in your life every day. It will be a great read at the end of the year! two Make sure you do at least one thing every day that makes you happy, even if it’s just spending ten minutes playing with your dog. three Be yourself. You don’t have to do what other people are doing, dress like everyone else, or think the same way as others. Just be you! four CUT OUT UNNECESSARY STRESS BY MAKING SURE ALL YOUR HOMEWORK AND PROJECTS ARE COMPLETED ON TIME. five Try something new for the first time. Learn to play an instrument, try roller skating or make a pizza from scratch. Just do it! six Challenge yourself. It might seem scary, but achieving…

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it girl hot stuff

MAKE IT FASHION ANGELS TELL YOUR STORY ALPHABET BEAD SET, $20, AVAILABLE AT KMART.COM.AU Create some wrist candy and design a message or name bracelet using the different styles of alphabet and colourful accent beads included in this kit. With over 1500 beads and three colours of elastic cording, the possibilities are endless! SIP IT FLUFFY MUG SET, $29.95 EACH, SUNNYLIFE.COM.AU These could possibly be the cutest mugs you’ll ever own. Get sippy and keep it sweet with a Fluffy Mug Set. Each one includes a unicorn or llama mug and a fluffy unicorn or llama keyring. We think these would make the perfect gift for your bestie... or yourself! GROW IT SMITHSONIAN MAGIC ROCKS, $29.99, TOYWORLD.COM.AU Create your very own colourful crystals with this instant crystal growing kit. In just two hours the crystals reach their full…

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it girl of the month

FACT FILE AGE: 11 NICKNAMES: Lyds and Didi SIBLINGS: a little brother, Thomas PETS: a cat called, Frankie FAVE COLOUR: Red FAVE MOVIE: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before FAVE ANIMAL: Cats and horses FUN FACTS: • I love painting my friend’s nails but I don’t like wearing nail polish on my own nails • I would like to learn to play a musical instrument • My family thinks that I look exactly like my great-grandmother • I like watching the tennis with my dad • I can’t wait to start high-school and have lots of different teachers. • I’m a chatterbox MEET: Lydia All About Me MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SCHOOL IS definitely seeing my friends. This is my last year of primary school. I LOVE TO DANCE HIP-HOP. I started taking hip-hop…

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whoa! how embarrassing!

FENCE FALL I was at home and wanted to talk to my neighbour over the fence, so I put a chair near the fence so I could stand on it and see over . While I was leaning in on the fence, my chair slipped away from under my feet and I fell. My neighbours started laughing while I quickly ran inside and hid. They then came and rang the doorbell to make sure I was okay, but I let my mum talk to them because I was too embarrassed to come out of my bedr oom. ANNIE, 10, QLD CARROT MOUTH My mum was late picking me up from school one day and I was drinking carrot juice while I waited for her. The school vice principal was on her way home when…