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It GiRL September 2020

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ed’s letter

Hey girls, Hope you've been having a great month so far. It's been another busy, but fun month for me, making the best magazine in the world! As you can see from the picture below, my highlight was interviewing TikTok star, Loren Gray. She's so cool! You can check out our chat on the It GiRL YouTube channel. In this issue, we've got a bunch of awesome stories I am really excited to show you. We explain all the reasons why we're loving cover star, Sofia Carson (page 20), we get to know the girls in the new Netflix show, The Baby-Sitters Club on page 24, we chat to the only Aussie member of global pop group, Now United, on page 26 and we spent some time trawling through TikTok to…

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it girl mailbox

Hi It GiRL magazine, You guys rock! I've been loving getting my magazine each month in the mail. As soon as I get it, I rip out the posters and put them on my wall and then I go straight to the jokes page and tell them to my brother. Love you It GiRL! LILLY, 8, BAULKHAM HILLS, NSW Dear It GiRL, I love reading your mag. Usually I'm not really into reading, but my mum buys me your magazine because she knows I do like to read that! I love your stories and tips and jokes, Keep up the good work! LINDSAY, 10, NEWCASTLE, NSW Dear It GiRL, Thanks for a really cool magazine. I really hope you print this letter and I can see my name in the most awesome mag in the world next…

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10 fashion rules you should break!

one Never wear gold and silver jewellery together... Not true! The different coloured metals actually compliment each other! two Double denim is a no-no... Well, we think a denim shirt tucked into jeans or a denim skirt can look cute, so you can go ahead and scrap that silly rule. three Only wear clothes that are in fashion... No deal! Wear whatever you want to wear! 4 BACKPACKS ARE ONLY FOR SCHOOL... SAY WHAT? BACKPACKS ARE FOR ANYTIME AND TOTALLY COOL! five Shorts are for summertime... Um, says who? Just throw on a pair of tights under your shorts and you’re set to go... no matter the season! 6 Avoid white if you can... Yeah, it can get dirty easily, but it also looks crisp and fresh, so go for it! seven Sparkles are for night…

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it girl hot stuff stuff

DRAW IT SMART SKETCHER PROJECTOR, $89, KMART.COM.AU Do you love to draw? If so, this projector lets you take your sketches to the next level. You can use the free app to draw the pictures provided, or use bluetooth to send any image you like to the projector! Once it’s on your page, you simply trace the image and colour in. Awesome. MAKE IT CRAYOLA GLITTER DOTS SPARKLE STATION, $25, BIGW.COM.AU These glitter dots can be used almost anywhere! You can add them to wood, felt, fabric, foam and many more surfaces. You can roll out the dots to make them flatter, or cut them into cool shapes. The best part? The glitter does not transfer - so there’s no mess! PIECE IT TYPO 1000 PIECE PUZZLE GAMES, $19.99, COTTONON.COM.AU Nothing says you’re ready for a challenge like…

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whoa! how embarrassing!

DOGGY DRAMA I was walking my dog one after noon and I had just turned a corner when I spotted a cat. I knew my dog would go crazy if he saw the cat so I tried to distract him, but I was too late. As soon as he saw the cat, he took off so hard and fast that I nearly went flying! I couldn’t hold him back and was really struggling to control him. A kind man stopped to help me by holding onto the lead until the cat was gone and my dog calmed down. It was all so embarrassing. JUANITA, 11, VIC THAT’S MY NAME We were having a special school assembly - one where the whole school and parents attend and awards are handed out. I was sitting close…

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it girl of the month

FACT FILE AGE: 9 SIBLINGS: One brother, Rohan FAVE COLOUR: Yellow FAVE SINGER: Tones & I FAVE ANIMAL: Dolphin FUN FACTS: • I moved to Australia when I was two-years-old • My grandma lives with me • I love going to the beach • My favourite shop is Smiggle • I love to make different types of slime. MEET: Danisha All About Me MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SCHOOL IS learning about nature and science, as well as lunchtime, which is when I get to play with my friends in other classes. I MOVED TO AUSTRALIA WHEN I WAS TWO. I was born in India, but I don’t really remember much of my life living there. But I have been back on holidays twice to see my extended family. THE LAST COOL THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME...…