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It GiRL November 2020

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ed’s letter

Hello everyone, Welcome to our 100th issue of It GiRL magazine! Can you believe it? 100 whole issues! What's even harder to believe is that when the first issue of your favourite magazine went on sale in 2012, I was only three years old... and now I'm the editor! Isn't that crazy?! So, that got me thinking about what some of our fave celebs were doing 100 issues ago... and I discovered that some of them weren't even famous yet! Read all about it on page 31. Plus, to celebrate our milestone, we've put together 100 fun facts for you guys to enjoy and they start from page 24. This issue is jam-packed with so many fun things that it's impossible for me to list them all, you'll just have to…

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it girl mailbox

Hi It GiRL, I love your mag! There is no other magazine that even comes close in my eyes. I really love, Whoa!, The Last Page, Out Now and Tech Head. ASHLEY, 8, AUCKLAND, NZ Dear It GiRL mag, Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting Addison Rae on your cover. I love her so much and it would be my dream come true to meet her one day! I can't wait until the next isse. DAYNA, 12, VIA EMAIL Hello It GiRL team, My name is Nikki and I am one of your biggest fans. I only started reading It GiRL this year during the lockdown and I am sad that I didn't start reading it earlier. My fave celebs are Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and the D'Amelio sisters. NIKKI, 11, SEVEN HILLS, NSW Dear IG, My favourite…

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10 must-see classic girly flicks!

one Mean Girls An all-time classic about a homeschooled teen who attends public school for the first time. So fetch! two The Princess Diaries Overnight, Mia goes from a shy and awkward teen to a real-life princess. three Hairspray Starring Zac Efron, this movie is for anyone who loves fun musicals! 4 A CINDERELLA STORY TREATED HORRIBLY BY HER WICKED STEPMOTHER, SAMANTHA IS EXCITED ABOUT THE THOUGHT OF MEETING HER INTERNET PEN PAL AT THE SCHOOL DANCE. five HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL You’ll fall in love with Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, and the rest of the gang as they come together for the school musical. 6 THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELLING PANTS Four besties keep in touch by passing around a pair of second-hand jeans that magically fits all of them perfectly. seven Legally Blonde When a blonde…

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it girl hot stuff

EAT IT ALLEN’S SOURZ SNAKES ALIVE, $2.95, AVAILABLE AT WOOLWORTHS Snakes Alive lollies are now sour! The new snakes will be soft, juicy and stretchy - just like we love them - but they’ll also have a yummy sour twist! The flavours we love are still the same, but have been transformed with a sour coating which will blow your taste buds away! POP IT BLUME BABY POP, $25, AVAILABLE AT BIG W AND TARGET With Blume Baby Pop, the surprises don’t stop, as hidden under every sprout is either a baby or a cute baby accessory... just pull and pop to reveal what’s inside. Best of all, each flower pot turns into a sweet baby nursery with even more surprises to uncover. WANT IT ITTY BITTY PRETTYS TEA PARTY SURPRISE, $45, BIG W With over 25 surprises…

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whoa! how embarrassing!

PILLOW NINJA I was at a slumber party for my friend’s birthday and we wer e being silly and having a pillow fight. W e were laughing and having fun until I hit the birthday girl too hard. I didn’t mean to, I just got too excited and the cor ner of my pillow hit her in the eye. She started to cry and her eye went r eally red. Her mum said that we were to settle down and go to sleep after that, so I basically ruined all the fun. I was embarrassed and felt so bad. ZAHRA, 12, QLD CHASE AND TRIP I was sleeping over my friend’s house and during dinner I drank a lot of water so I needed to go to the toilet. The bathroom door was shut…

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it girl of t he month

FACT FILE AGE: 11 NICKNAMES: PenPen, Penny, P SIBLINGS: one sister, Isabel PETS: a cat called, Genie FAVE COLOUR: Purple FAVE SINGERS: Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and Katy Perry FAVE ANIMALS: Elephants FUN FACTS: • I can’t live without lip balm • I am addicted to blueberries • I only learnt to swim last year • I love Mexican food • I’m right handed but I can write pretty well with my left hand too • I was named after my grandmother and she was named after her grandmother • I really love rides - even the scary ones MEET: Penelope All About Me AT SCHOOL I REALLY LIKE IT WHEN it’s sports day because we get to wear our sports uniform and I like wearing sneakers instead of my school shoes. I WAS SO…