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It GiRL December 2020

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ed’s letter

Hi friends, Can you believe Christmas is next month? I mean, I feel like it was March and then the next few months were a blur because of COVID and now we're counting down to Christmas - it's nuts! Anyway, the trusty team at It GiRL headquarters are always prepared and have put together another fabulous Christmas Wish List. It starts on page 27, so flip over and check it out 'cause there's still time to get your requests in! Also this month, we FINALLY are able to introduce to you our 2020 Fujifilm instax It GiRL cover star, Mary! She is so much fun to be around, we became friends instantly and had so much fun making TikTok videos inbetween takes at her photo shoot (which she totally nailed by…

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it girl mailbox

Hey It GiRL, Your magazine is the best, it has all the things I love in it. I also love how it comes with a free present every issue. TIANNA, 8, BLAKEHURST, NSW Hi It GiRL team, I love your mag and BTS so much, so it would mean a lot to me if you could put the band on your cover, or on the big poster in the middle! Thanks heaps. PHOEBE, 11, VIA EMAIL Dear It GiRL team, Your magazine rocks! My fave pages to read are The 10 List, Celeb Gossip, Out Now, Whoa and Tech Head. Keep up the great work! NOELLE, 9, VIA EMAIL To It GiRL, I've only been reading It GiRL for a little while and I love it! My mum bought it for me so I could read it on the plane…

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it girl hot stuff

TWIST IT TWISTY PETZ BEAUTY, $12.99, FROM BIG W, KMART, TARGET AND ALL GOOD TOY STORES Glam make up and accessories all in one! Twisty Petz Beauty have a mini compact in the middle of the body bead which reveals a shimmery scented lip gloss, sparkly body glitter, perfume or cute nail decals. There are 10 of these cuties to collect! BUBBLE IT GIANT GAZILLION BUBBLES INCREDIBUBBLE WAND, $24.99, FROM ALL GOOD TOY STORES The Giant Gazillion Bubbles Incredibubble Wand makes blowing bubbles so much fun! It’s designed to make giant bright and colourful bubbles that will keep your entertained for hours. Definitely a must for the summer holidays! PLAY IT UNO, $45, BIG W This game is a classic! Players take turns matching a card in their hand with the current card shown on…

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10 things we’d love to do for our bestie

one Surprise her with a trip to Hollywood so she can spend a day on the set of her favourite TV show. two Organise a shopping spree where she has two hours to buy as many things as she possibly can. three Buy her that cute little pet she’s been dreaming of calling her own. 4 INVITE HER FAVOURITE SINGER TO COME AND PERFORM AT HER NEXT BIRTHDAY PARTY. five Take her, and all your closest pals, to Disneyland for a whole week! 6 Get her a jumping castle, a fairy floss machine and a unicorn (of course!) for both of you to enjoy on the weekends. seven Organise a fun pamper day where you sit on big cushions eat yummy snacks, and give each other relaxing face masks. 8 GIVE HER A YEARS SUPPLY OF HER…

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whoa! how embarrassing!

TEDDY FIGHT My dad was cleaning out the garage and he told me and my stepsister to come and grab the things that belonged to us otherwise he would be thr owing stuf f away. I found a teddy bear that belonged to me when I was little, but my stepsister insisted that the bear was hers! We started fighting over it on the driveway when two boys who go to our school r ode by on their bikes and slowed down to watch us. When we saw them we stopped ar guing, but the boys wer e already laughing. It was so embarrassing. MADDISON, 10, NSW SHOVE AND TUMBLE We were on a school excursion at a museum and some of the boys in my class were acting really silly and shoving each…

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celebrity gossip

ADDISON TALKS POSITIVITY Addison Rae shares how she manages to keep such a positive outlook on life. “Maintaining a positive outlook is something that takes a lot of work, and just reminding yourself that you are the way you are for a reason” she said. “It’s definitely not easy at all times because there is negativity and there are hate comments and people that are just looking to bring you down. But at the end of the day, it’s just really about positivity and being happy and loving who you are and embracing that.” MILLIE NEARLY QUIT ACTING Millie Bobby Brown recently opened up about almost quitting acting after not getting a role on a television show she auditioned for. “This industry is just full of rejection, 24/7. You get far more nos…