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Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Issue#25.3 - September 2018


Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Series is the top-selling publication catering for kitchen and bathroom renovators. Each quarterly issue is packed with the latest designs from Australia’s leading kitchen and bathroom manufacturers. Every issue of Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly runs the following features: Profiles of a well-known and respected chef, restaurateur or food writer, The latest news from the design world, Kitchen showcase , Bathroom showcase, Product showcase, Showroom showcase, Appliance reviews, Product reviews as well as Q&A with a panel of experts answering readers’ questions on their kitchen and bathroom renovations. Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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from the editor

I often say that the bathroom needs to be the most well-designed space in the home. After all, it has so many functions. A good bathroom embodies the perfect mix of functionality, with abundant storage, good natural light and ventilation, and durable surfaces. Functionality on its own, however, is not enough — as the bathroom is the space in which one can unwind and rejuvenate, it needs to be an aesthetically pleasing space that inspires relaxation. Though designing such a space might seem a difficult task, an experienced designer will no doubt be able to make your dream bathroom a reality. Welcome to Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly magazine’s annual bathroom special! If you’re looking for bathroom renovation inspo, you’re in luck because this edition is packed to the brim with amazing…

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what we love

THESE SHOES WERE MADE FOR RENOVATING Leading work boot manufacturer Oliver Footwear has just released a women’s range that marries style with comfort. Made for ladies who love renovating, this boot range is durable to ensure optimum protection. All boots are water resistant and include a comfortable cushioned footbed, heat-resistant rubber outsole and a steel toe. W: FARM-TO-TABLE GOODNESS Here’s one for lovers of plant-based foods and diligent growers of herb gardens and vegie patches! Farmacy is one of London’s most-loved new restaurants and its creator, Camilla Fayed, has released a cookbook that follows the concept of simple abundance using fresh nutritious foods. Within the pages of the Farmacy Kitchen Cookbook, you’ll find inspirational ideas for plant-based dining, using many ingredients that may already exist in your own vegie garden. We think…

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tried & tested

THE DEEP CLEANSER Featuring massaging rollers underfoot, bubbles that were streamlined around the outer edge of my feet and two infrared lights that maintained the water temperature, there wasn't much to complain about with this product. The foot spa also offers a vibrating massage function, a lovely aromatherapy container and three additional clip-on tools — a brush, massage fittings and callus remover — ensuring my experience was relaxing and undoubtedly rejuvenating. The size of the model and base roller on each side meant the reflex zone of my feet was comfortably covered, but the rollers didn’t quite reach my toes or the back of my heels. I used the three clip-ons by hand, which left my feet exfoliated and soft. This stylish foot spa was equipped with a handy carrying tool,…

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preferential treatment

Personal preference is deeply ingrained in the art of cooking. We all have varying culinary preferences when it comes to tastes, textures, personal health needs and favourite cuisines. More often than not, these preferences make an impact on how we cook our meals and which appliances and accessories we use to do so. A kitchen renovation is the perfect opportunity to have a think about your changing culinary needs and how your new kitchen’s design and inclusions will accommodate for them. Keep reading for our appliance, accessory and product recommendations for our favourite methods of cooking, as well as essentials for preparing the dishes of two of the most popular cuisines.…

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clean eats

SOUS VIDE MAGIC AEG’s SteamPro steam oven with sous vide function is capable of revolutionising your steaming experience, thanks to its ability to accommodate for the precision required when cooking with delicate ingredients. The oven features AEG’s advanced humidity sensor to ensure the ideal taste, texture and colour when roasting meat, steaming vegetables, baking soufflés or making delicious sous vide dishes. If sous vide is your cooking method of choice, this oven can be paired with the AEG PrecisionVac™ SousVide vacuum sealer drawer for an integrated sous vide and steam cooking system. The oven allows for low-pressure steam cooking from as low as 50°C up to 95°C with 1°C adjustability, ensuring perfect results every time. AEG 60cm SteamPro steam oven with sous vide function, FRIED FEAST Fried foods, as delicious as they…

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for the love of proteins

COOK LIKE HESTON This contraption makes charcoal cooking an easy feat, which is no doubt music to the ears of many a culinary enthusiast. Its Fast Flame Ignition System ensures the charcoal burns at the right temperature to cook in 10 minutes and the “set and forget” electronic controls give users the freedom to relax while their meat is being cooked. The jaw-like ClipLock Forks ensure everything from chicken to suckling pig are kept firmly in place on the rotisserie rod as it turns and the porcelain enamel firebox and charcoal tray are easy to clean after use. All in all, the Fusion charcoal barbecue makes creating that authentic charcoal taste virtually effortless. Fusion charcoal barbecue, SPEEDY ROASTS This microwave is ideal for those who love grilled fish and meat roasts but…