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cookies and cohorts

Dear Reader, Is the web changing before our eyes? We in tech media certainly talk about change all the time. (One could argue that the whole point of tech media is to talk about change.) And of course, big tech companies are always on the message of change. In all my years in the business, I don’t think I’ve ever read a press release that said “Nothing happened! Everything is still the same!” When you look at how far the tech world has come over the last generation, it would be fair to say that things must be constantly changing, or we wouldn’t have come so far so fast. But given the constant rumble, it is prudent to wonder how much of that change is meaningful and real. The big change we are…

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manjaro kde plasma 20.2.1 and clonezilla live 2.7.1

Manjaro KDE Plasma 20.2.1 64-bit Manjaro is the most popular of the distributions based on Arch Linux. In many ways, Manjaro is to Arch what Ubuntu is to Debian: a more polished derivative that has become popular in its own right. In fact, in the last few years, Manjaro has become so popular that in 2019, Manjaro GmbH, a German corporation, was founded to manage the distribution’s legal and business affairs. Much of Arch Linux’s development philosophy is preserved in Manjaro. Both distributions feature rolling releases, with updates issued one package at a time rather than by general releases. However, being based on Arch, the latest Manjaro packages are usually available a few days after they appear in Arch, giving Manjaro extra time for testing. Similarly, both distributions install a minimum of packages.…

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mageia 8 now available with linux 5.10 lts

NVIDIA Optimus laptop users rejoice, Mageia 8 now includes improved support, thanks to an upgraded graphics stack that includes Mesa 20.3.4 and X.Org Server 1.20.1. This upgrade improves both the AMD and NVIDIA GPU experience with the platform. For NVIDIA users, there’s the new experimental mageiaprime configuration tool that makes it possible to get the most out of your NVIDIA GPU. But the new release isn’t all about the graphics stack. Anyone who begins Mageia 8 with a live instance will see faster performance, thanks to the inclusion of Zstd compression on the base file systems, and better optimizations for hardware detection. NFS file system support has also been improved, with added support for NFSv4. Mageia also includes a new version of RPM (version which offers a number of improvements, such…

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gnome 40 beta released

On the heels of the alpha release of Gnome 40, the developers have announced the availability of the beta, which includes a number of improvements and bug fixes. Of course, the biggest change to Gnome is the new horizontal Activities Overview, which makes for a much-improved workflow on the desktop. With the desktops residing at the top of the Overview, it is now easier to drag and drop an application to the specific desktop you want. It’s far more intuitive and efficient. This new layout also improves usage with touch screen navigation and faster overall performance. Another hotly anticipated change comes by way of how multi-monitor support will work with the new horizontal Activities Overview. Gnome 40 will default to only showing workspaces on the primary display, with the top bar and…

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openmandriva lx 4.2 has arrived

OpenMandriva is a direct descendant of the not forgotten (and much-loved) Mandriva Linux, and was the first to ever make use of the LLVM toolchain by default. With the release of Lx 4.2, OpenMandriva brings to the table a few improvements, as well as the latest release of the KDE desktop environment, and some exciting ARM news. As for software, OpenMandriva improves the OM Welcome, which is an on-boarding tool that makes it incredibly easy for new users to do things like install software with a single click. Beyond the welcome app, OpenMandriva includes LibreOffice 7.1, Krita 4.4.2, Digikam 7.2, SMPlayer 21.1.0, VLC, Falkon browser 3.1, Simple-ScreenRecorder 0.4.3, and much more. Also included with OpenMandriva is Desktop Presets, which allows users to easily customize the appearance of the Plasma Desktop…

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